2023-12-11 | Awas Modus

Beware of Scams Using Apps that Can Control Your Device

Crimes in digital era are increasingly diverse. One that is quite alarming today is fraud impersonating bank employees or authorities. They will ask their victims to install a remote support application so that they access the victim’s phone remotely.

This type of remote support application has been quite popular among many people. Its primary function is to actually to complete one task simultaneously from different devices. Unfortunately, many scammers employ this type of application to commit crimes.

Learn more about the fraud modes commonly used by criminals to raise your awareness. Also, find out the preventive measures to avoid this type of crime.

Remote Support Application Scam

This scam crime is carried out by social engineering (manipulating the victim’s psychology) so that the scammer can steal sensitive personal information. Below are the modes commonly used in fraud using remote applications.

1. Posing As the Authority/Bank

This scam starts with the perpetrator pretending to be a party from the bank or the authorities who want to deliver a message. This first step will catch potential victims off guard and they can easily fall into the trap.

2. Asking the Victim to Install Remote Support Application

The scammer will inform the victim that there is a problem with an application on their phone, such as mobile banking or e-commerce app. Then, he or she will offer to help fix it. The victim will be asked to install a remote support application on their phone.

3. Scammers Start Controlling the Victim’s Phone

This application will allow the scammer to remotely control the victim’s cell phone. The victims will be asked to log in to different apps so the scammer can see the user IDs, emails, and passwords. The scammer will also steal this data to be used for things that cause harm to the victim.

Tips to Avoid Remote Support App Fraud

You need to increase your vigilance to avoid all sorts of crime. In addition, take the steps below to avoid becoming the victim of the remote support application fraud.

1. Do Not Trust Easily

This is a universal tip to avoid social engineering. Generally, it is the customer who first contacts the bank for help. Since it is you who is contacted by ‘the bank’, it is best if you do not easily believe people who offer help. It is possible that the help could lead to a disaster. First, you have to make sure it’s true by confirming/verifying with the official party (for BCA, contact Halo BCA at 1500888).

2. Not Giving Access to the Device

The bank will usually provide guidance by mentioning the steps that need to be done. If there are parties who ask you to install an application, ignore it because it is most likely a fraud.

3. Disconnect Your Cell Phone Network

Since this remote support system requires a connection and network, immediately switch to ‘Airplane mode’ to cut off internet connection on your phone so that hackers cannot access it.

4. Remove Suspicious Applications

You may have installed some kind of remote support application. Before it’s being misused, immediately delete the suspicious application. This is because irresponsible people can exploit carelessness to infiltrate your device.

That’s all you need to know about the remote support app scam. Learn more about other banking scams in #AwasModus.