2023-06-26 | Awas Modus

Beware of Fake Transfer Receipts on Eid al-Adha

Many people sacrifice an animal during Eid al-Adha. Unfortunately, this religious activity ends up being used by criminals to commit fraud. The Qurbani committee needs to be aware of the fraud using fake transfer receipts from people who pretend to do Qurbani.

Given the many transactions that go into the Qurbani account, these funds can reach billions of rupiah.. However, if you’re not aware of the fake transfer receipt scam, you could end up losing the funds in your account.

Hence, it’s better to be aware of these scams, especially if you currently sit as a member of the Qurbani fundraising committee. You should be aware of the schemes that are often used by the scammers as a first step to increase your vigilance.

Fake Transfer Receipt for Qurbani Committee

Scammers can target Qurbani committee anywhere, from places of worship, communities, to zakat institution. Especially if the committee includes a bank account number for those who want to perform qurbani. The following are the most common schemes:

1. The Scammer Contacted the Qurbani Committee

The scammer sends a message to the Qurbani committee’s contact number, which is distributed through flyers, posters, billboards, and social media, and expresses his/her intention to perform qurbani. One common MO is that the person has pledged (nazar) to perform qurbani without telling anyone.

2. The Scammer Sends a Transfer Receipt

The scammer will send a fake receipt after making a transfer to the Qurbani committee’s account. The amount is usually enough for a number of cattle sacrifices. For example, the transfer amount is Rp50 million, with Rp25 million per cow.

3. The Scammer Partially Cancelled the Qurbani and Asked for a Refund

Shortly afterward, the scammer will send another message. He/she’d argue that his/her family is in need of money and only needs to sacrifice one cow, then asks for a refund of Rp25 million to be sent to an account in the scammer’s name.

4. Finding Out that There was a Fictitious Transfer

The Qurbani committee unsuspectingly made a transfer to the scammer. By the end of the day, the committee reviewed bank statements and traced every incoming transaction. It was discovered that there was no transfer transaction under the scammer’s name for the amount of Rp50 million. Not only that, the transfer receipt sent turned out to be fake.

Tips to Avoid Fake Transfer Scam for Qurbani Committee

Now that you know the scheme, it’s time to increase your vigilance by being more careful. Here are some tips to avoid fake transfer scams for Qurbani:

1. Keep neat bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is important for the Qurbani committee. You can make digital bookkeeping by using applications on your smartphone or PC. This will also make it easier for you to make Qurbani report later.

2. Keep detailed records

The incoming and outgoing funds should be recorded in detail. The first step is to check your account balance, especially for those who pay through transfer.

Not only do you need to enter the name, transfer amount, and date, but you also need to include the time of the transfer. This will make it easier for you to check if there is a problem with the transfer.

3. Use KlikBCA or myBCA

Qurbani committees usually receive a lot of transactions per day. To make it easier for you to keep records, try use this feature from BCA:

  • Bank Statement feature on BCA’s Internet banking, KlikBCA
    • Login to your KlikBCA account by entering your User ID and PIN.
    • Select the 'Informasi Rekening' menu
    • Select 'Mutasi Rekening'
    • Select 'Mutasi Harian' to see transaction records up to 31 days ago

For periods more than 31 days are in the e-statement feature. For more information, visit klikbca here.

  • Bank Statement feature on myBCA 
    • Login to myBCA on your smartphone
    • Click ‘Akun Saya’ and click on the account in question, then the statement for the week will appear.
    • You can also check the statement for the month period you want in the e-statement feature.

That’s the information about the fraud appearing on the day of Eid al-Adha. Happy Eid al-Adha to all Muslims.

Increase your vigilance by fining more information related to fraud modes in AwasModus.