2023-06-07 | Awas Modus

Tips to Avoid Data Leakage

Nowadays, fraudsters are spreading viruses to steal your data, which can be used for crimes or sold on the black market. The virus can be malware, spyware, and so on. The virus will be installed into the device to search for your important and valuable data.

Tips to avoid data leakage

  • Never share your data with anyone.
  • Always be cautious when accessing various websites.
  • Do not download photos, PDFs, programs, etc. from untrusted sites. Do not click on ads on pirated sites. Malicious files and ads are common on pirated websites (including free streaming movies and comics). 
  • Be cautious when using the save password feature in your browser. Make sure you know how it works and where it can be used.
  • Be cautious when installing plug-ins such as Adblock, Popup blocker, etc. Make sure you download programs from trusted publishers. Downloading from the Google Store is not necessarily safe! 
  • Make sure the software is always updated, including the operating system, app, browser, patch, both home and office computers.
  • DO NOT download leaked files from the dark web. Many people are usually “curious” and want to click the file.
  • Never click/install APK files, PDFs, DOCX files, etc. These files are most likely malicious and prone to Malware infiltration.

Tips if your PC/device has been affected by a virus

If your PC/device is affected by a virus, immediately bring it to an authorized or trusted store to have it cleaned. Make sure your PC/device is clean from viruses.

If your BCA mobile, myBCA, or KlikBCA cannot be used, immediately contact the nearest branch or HaloBCA at 1500888 or via the haloBCA app. 

Always keep your PC and device safe from data leakage. #AwasModus