2023-05-26 | Awas Modus

Keep Your BCA Mastercard Debit Card with Contactless feature Safe!

In this digital era, financial transactions are getting more sophisticated. One example is the emergence of contactless transactions where you can pay for transactions by simply tapping the card to an EDC machine with a contactless logo. The key feature of this debit card is the signal-like logo on the front of the card. Complete information about the features and benefits of BCA Mastercard Contactless Debit is available here.

The contactless feature does make transactions much easier and more practical. For contactless transactions without a PIN, the daily accumulated transaction limit is Rp1 million/day/card, while for any transaction above Rp1 million, a PIN is required (applicable in Indonesia, the amount of a contactless transaction with a PIN is ruled based on each country’s policies).

Tips to Protect BCA Mastercard Debit Card with Contactless feature

Customers must be extra careful with their contactless feature. If the card is lost or falls into the wrong hands, it could be misused by irresponsible people.

The Contactless feature can be used for transactions if you have activated your contactless card on myBCA or BCA mobile. This means that if you have yet to activate the feature, you cannot make contactless payments. Furthermore, you can also set the transaction limit for BCA Mastercard Debit Card with Contactless feature without a PIN. 

If the contactless feature is not used or you want to limit the transaction amount, you can set it as desired through the “Kontrol Kartu Debit Contactless” and “Atur Limit Debit Contactless” feature available on BCA mobile or myBCA.

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Remember to keep your BCA Mastercard Debit Card with Contactless feature safe to avoid changing hands or being used by irresponsible individuals. Since the contactless feature can function as long as it is placed close to or tapped into an EDC machine, cardholders can continue to hold the card without handing it over to the cashier during transactions.

This can also minimize other people seeing important data (ATM card number, Expiry Date, CVV/CVC code, etc.). If you lost your card, immediately disable the card transaction feature via myBCA, BCA mobile, or contact HaloBCA at 1500888 or via the haloBCA app.

While it can be used conveniently in fast transactions, you must remain vigilant to maintain card security to avoid fraud.