2023-05-23 | Awas Modus

Ransomware Attacks and Its Security Tips

Ransomware is the name of a class of malware, which consists of the words ransom and malware. This malware attacks by searching for valuable &important data and information, then stealing and locking (encrypting) the file making it inaccessible and asking for a ransom to regain access to the file.

This type of crime aims to gain profit by stealing and locking data and threatening the data owner to pay a sum of money to the hacker.

How a ransom attack occurs

One way is through phishing, which is done through email, WA, links, attachments, etc.

  1. User downloads malware through one of the media used by hackers.
  2. The malware will be installed into the device to search for important and valuable data that can be used as a threat to the data owner.
  3. Malware that has found important and valuable data/information will encrypt the file to make it inaccessible to the data owner.
  4. Hackers will send Ransom Notes to the data owner to pay a sum of money/benefit to the hacker in exchange for the stolen data. If the data owner does not want to provide the requested amount of money/benefit, the hacker will threaten to delete or leak the important data/information.

Security Tips:

Here are tips for you to avoid ransom attacks.

  • Always be aware, be extra careful when using the internet, browsing, or mobile.
  • Do not download from untrusted sites, do not download applications that do not have security certifications, turn off the save password in the browser.
  • Make sure the software is always updated, including operating system, app, browser, patch, both home and office computers.
  • DO NOT download leaked files from the dark web. There are indications that the file also contains malware. Many people are usually “curious” and want to click the link.

Let’s make it a habit from now on to be careful in accessing, clicking, and downloading to avoid becoming a victim in cyber-attacks!

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