2022-12-30 | Awas Modus

Beware of KTA Promo Offers in the Name of BCA Finance!

Unsecured Loans (KTA) are indeed tempting for some people to meet their needs. Especially with attractive promos and easy terms. However, customers need to be careful and thorough.

The reason is, recently there has been a new fraud mode under the guise of offering BCA Finance KTA promos specifically for BCA customers, whether it’s in the form of flyers distributed at ATMs, or PDF files distributed via WhatsApp/email, or even through advertisements on Instagram Ads.

The danger is that the scammer acts on behalf BCA Finance (a subsidiary of BCA) so more than a few people have fallen victims to this fraud.

In response to this, you should not carelessly trust the KTA flyers. Because, the scammer actually aims to steal your banking information and drain your money in your account!

So, what is the motive for this fraud? How to avoid getting scammed? Let’s take a look together.

The Motive of the KTA Flyer Fraud

This mode is usually used by scammers at ATM BCA machines. They distribute/plaster KTA promo flyer on behalf of BCA Finance at the ATM BCA machines, targeting customers who are at BCA ATMs.

The flyer looks like this:

Through this brochure, some customers are interested in taking the KTA promo because the offer is very attractive. They would contact the contacts listed in the brochure, either telephone or WhatsApp.

When contacting the ‘BCA/BCA Finance’, who is actually a scammer, the customer (victim) will be asked for ‘KTA collection requirements’ by mentioning their phone mobile phone number, ATM card number, PIN, OTP, etc. When all banking information is in their hands, these scammers can access the victim’s mobile banking and take all the money in said account.

Not only through ATM machines, scammers also distribute KTA flyers in PDF format via WhatsApp/email. In fact, the would also place it on Instagram Ads.

That’s the kind of motive fraudsters use to extract funds from customers. That is why you must be careful of this fraud so you won’t fall victim into this fraud and have all your money gone down the drain.

Tips to Prevent Unsecured Loans Fraud

If you find leaflets/PDF files offering KTA promos on behalf of BCA Finance, research it first, don’t just believe it because it could be a fraud.

Please ignore KTA flyer as shown above because it’s a hoax. For the security of your banking information, you must check the number/account directly, whether it’s an official number/account from BCA/BCA Finance or not.

As a guide, here are the official BCA and BCA Finance numbers/accounts:

  • Halo BCA official phone number 1500888 (without any prefix)
  • BCA’s WhatsApp number 0811-1500-998 (with green badge)
  • BCA Finance’s WhatsApp number 08111027780 (with green badge)
  • BCA’s official Instagram account is @GoodlifeBCA (with blue badge)
  • BCA Finance’s official Instagram account is @mybcaf and also @mybcaf.usedcar (with blue badge)

To learn about all BCA’s official social media accounts, you can check directly at www.bca.co.id/socialmedia

Most importantly, you must maintain the confidentiality of banking information such as ATM card number, PIN, OTP because BCA never asks for this information via phone, link, or any other means.

Finally, if you find a leaflet as shown above or suspicious information on behalf of BCA/BCA Finance, report it directly to Halo BCA at 1500888 or via haloBCA app, which can be downloaded on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

That sums up the safety tips about KTA fraud that you need to be aware of and the ways to prevent it.

To learn about the various banking frauds, visit www.bca.co.id/awasmodus. Learn carefully about all fraud in the name of BCA to avoid falling victim to fraud.