2022-12-07 | Awas Modus

Beware of Installing BCA Apps via Fraudulent Links!

Recently, there has been a lot of fraud on behalf of BCA, directing you install haloBCA app or other BCA apps through the link provided.

The links are also spread across various platforms, from social media, WhatsApp, and email. In response to this incident, BCA always urges customers to continue to be careful regarding the spread of fraudulent links on behalf of BCA. The malicious links are used by fraudsters to retrieve your banking data to access your BCA account.

To avoid this, there are three things you need to know so you won’t fall into this scam.

BCA Official Application

When you receive a fraudulent link, whether it’s from WhatsApp or an email on behalf of BCA, and are directed to install the BCA app, you should not do it rashly. It’s because when you click the malicious link and install the app, your device will no longer work and your banking data can be stolen.

Please note that BCA official apps can only be installed/downloaded from official sources such as:

  • Google Play Store;
  • Apple Store; or
  • Huawei App Gallery*

* haloBCA app is not yet available on the Huawei App Gallery.

Before installing, make sure the publisher is PT Bank Central Asia Tbk., not others.

Keep in mind, never install or download applications on behalf of BCA from unclear sources including fraudulent links such as those.

Official BCA Contact and Account

In addition to that, you shoould also be aware if there are numbers and accounts that contact you and claim to be from the Bank BCA.

Here are the official BCA contacts and accounts:

  • Halo BCA phone number 1500888 (without any prefix)
  • Bank BCA WhatsApp number 0811500998 (green badge)
  • Check BCA’s official social media accounts at bca.co.id/socialmedia

Always Keep Your Data Confidential

To avoid data leaks, you must be careful with your banking data. Never share or disclose your ATM card number, PIN, CVC/CVV, Expiry date, OTP, User ID, KeyBCA token Response etc. to anyone.

Make sure that the data is well protected so that nothing happens that endangers your BCA account.

Always be aware of online fraud on behalf of BCA. Always remember the official BCA numbers and accounts listed above. Also remember to never download BCA applications from unclear sources including fraudulent links.

To avoid online fraud practices, check www.bca.co.id/awasmodus