2022-09-06 | Awas Modus

Beware of Ads Scam Guised as BI FAST Upgrade Offers on BCA mobile!

Ads on social media are constantly being used to scam potential victims. Their modes are increasingly diverse. Among other things, they offer to upgrade the BI Fast feature on BCA mobile, myBCA, or KlikBCA applications. This is despite the fact that the BI Fast feature is automatically included in the latest version of these applications.

Before we go on to explain the details of this scam, it’s good to know some information about BI Fast.

BI Fast is a payment infrastructure created by Bank Indonesia to facilitate national retail payments that are more efficient, secure, in real time and operate 24/7. BI FAST is more cost-effective as it costs only Rp2,500 per transaction.

To use BI Fast, all you have to do is make sure your BCA mobile or myBCA app is up-to-date. You can update your BCA mobile and myBCA apps on Playstore or Appstore to get the updated version.

You can learn how to use the BI Fast feature on BCA mobile, Klik BCA or myBCA here.

Scam Chronology

Scammers run their scams by posting ads on social media, especially on Instagram. They often take and edit visuals from BCA’s original account with poor image quality.

Then, they use fake accounts that are made to look exactly like the official BCA account.

They use the BI Fast feature upgrade scam. The scammers provides a fake link and asks the victim to fill in personal data such as ATM card number, PIN, OTP, etc.

In fact, the data is targeted by the scammers to gain access to the victim’s account, and then drain the money.

Tips to Combat This Scam

There are some tips that you should pay attention to in order to prevent the scam.

  • Beware of fake accounts! Usually, these fraudulent adverts run on fake accounts that are made to look exactly like BCA accounts. These accounts, however, look sloppy with poor image quality, small number of flowers, and so on.
  • BCA’s official social media accounts are verified with a blue badge. For example, BCA Instagram handle is @GoodlifeBCA. Check all official BCA social media accounts here.
  • The BI FAST feature is automatically available on the latest version of BCA mobile and myBCA. You can also get the BI FAST feature on KlikBCA Individu/KlikBCA Bisnis.
  • Beware of fake links! For example data entry links that resemble the BCA mobile interface. Do not click on it! Let alone fill in your bank information.
  • Like a house, your bank information is the key to the house. To prevent others from accessing your account, always keep your data confidential such as ATM card numbers, PINs, OTP, etc.

If you find fake BCA accounts on Instagram Ads, report them to Instagram to have their accounts taken down, thus reducing scam victims. See how to do it here.

Let’s find out how to protect yourself from banking fraud at bca.co.id/awasmodus