2022-08-25 | Awas Modus

Beware of Fraud in the Name of Online Shop, Protect Your Data!

Currently, there are many scams targeting BCA customers, who are also online shop users such as Shopee, Blibli.com, and many more. The scammer pretends to be an official officer of the online shop app and informs the victim that he/she has won money prize. The scammer would say that the reward disbursement can only be done via OneKlik or BCA mobile.

Fraud Chronology

  • Potential victims received a call from someone (the scammer) claiming to be an official officer of an online shop.
  • The scammer informs that the victim received a prize, for example Rp5 million.
  • The scammer informs the victim that the prize can only be collected via OneKlik or BCA mobile. 
  • Ostensibly to register OneKlik with the online shop application, the scammer asks for the victim’s ATM BCA card number as the destination account for the prize transfer.
  • The scammer then directs the victim to activate OneKlik on BCA mobile by pressing the OneKlik registration notification that appeared on the victim’s mobile phone, logging in to BCA mobile by entering the access code, and completing OneKlik activation by entering the m-BCA PIN. 

Afterward, the victim panicked because after checking the online shop application, there were transactions made they did not authorize.

In another case, fraud in the name of an online shop also targeted the victim’s BCA mobile by requesting banking information such as ATM card number, m-BCA PIN, confirmation SMS, OTP code, etc. to take over the BCA mobile account of the victim. 

Online Shop Fraud Targeting Online Food Drivers

In another case, the scammer targeted drivers who deliver online food such as Shopee Food, GoFood, GrabFood, etc. 

The scammer orders food at an online store using the Cash On Delivery (COD) method, then calls the driver who delivers the food, claiming to be the Customer Service of the online store. The scammer will inform the driver that the food order is fictious.

The driver is then promised to get a refund with a condition in which the driver is required to fill in the link provided. 

The data requested include ATM card number, PIN, OTP code, etc. which will be used the scammer to hack the victim’s BCA mobile app. 

Tips to avoid fraud in the name of online shop

  1. Like a house, personal bank information is the key to secure your BCA mobile/OneKlik account. Don’t share any banking information such as ATM card number, PIN and OTP code with anyone, even if the claim to be an official officer of an online shop.
  2. Currently, OneKlik registration activation on the merchant’s website/application is directed directly to BCA mobile for OneKlik registration confirmation. So, if you don’t register for OneKlik on the merchant application but you receive an activation notification, you should be suspicious.
  3. To reduce the risk of fraud, you can set the total daily transaction limit for OneKlik at all OneKlik merchants on BCA mobile. Log in to BCA mobile, open the m-Admin feature on BCA mobile, select “Atur OneKlik”, and then open the active accounts, and select “Atur Limit” (maximum limit of Rp3 million per day).
  4. You can also temporarily block/unblock or delete your active OneKlik account on BCA mobile. Simply access BCA mobile and open the m-Admin feature and then select “Atur OneKlik”. Then you just select which account you want to temporarily block or delete. The same goes for unblocking.

Most importantly, always maintain the confidentiality of your banking information and don’t be easily enticed with the scammer’s persuasive. Let’s find out how to be safe at www.bca.co.id/awasmodus.

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