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Beware of Online Scams! Here is How to Report it

Entering the digital era, people increasingly carry out their activities through the internet and online platforms. As we all know, the internet has also given birth to new crime patterns known as online scams.

As someone who uses the internet every day, you must be aware of these scams by knowing existing types of online scams and how to report them. By reporting scams, the perpetrators can be fairly dealt with.

Cybercrimes or online scams are crimes punishable by Electronic Information and Transaction Law. Each country has a specific legal basis and how to report online scams to protect people.

What is an Online Scam?

Online scams often use foreign and “new” methods for victims who are not accustomed to technology. By learning the methods used in cybercrimes, you can avoid becoming a victim of these scams. Below are several types of scams typically used to trap customers.

Generally, online scammers target your personal data. It can be PIN, OTP code, debit/credit card number, credit card CVV/CVC, card expiration date, etc. They target these data so that they can hack or take over your personal or financial account.

Nowadays, online scammers use many ways and methods to do their scams. For instance, phishing, in which they provoke victims to freely share their sensitive data. Phishing is usually done through various mediums and mediators, such as email, text messages, and direct phone calls.

Online scammers can also use fake accounts on social media platforms, where scammers would impersonate official accounts on Twitter, Instagram, etc. The main target is the same: to obtain confidential data to be used to break into the victim’s account.

For victims of online scammers, check out below how to report scams.

  1. Report to the authority

One of the best ways to report an online scam is to report it to the authority. Go to your nearest police station and go to the Integrated Police Service Center (SPKT) to submit a report. You must prepare several documents like proof of conversation and transaction with the scammer, and proof of financial transaction to process the case. 

  1. Report to Lapor.go.id

Lapor is an official website developed by the Indonesian Government as a platform for citizens to file complaints and provide aspirations. With a simple procedure, you can report the case you experienced. It usually takes 3-5 days for the website to process a complaint.

  1. Report via Bank Call Center

All online scams will lead to sharing your financial data, that is why you need to immediately safeguard your bank account by reporting it to the bank’s call center. If you are a customer of BCA, immediately report it via Halo BCA 1500888. Please remember the official number of Halo BCA is not started with any additional number or characters, such as +, +62, 021, 022, etc.

  1. Report via Bank Contact Center App

Several banks have official contact center apps, such as the haloBCA app by BCA.

haloBCA app is an official app of Halo BCA contact center and is a mobile app you can use to contact all channels owned by Halo BCA, namely call, chat, email, and twitter. It is now easier for you to contact all official Halo BCA channels in one app available at Appstore or Playstore for your smartphone.

After you contact one of BCA’s official contacts, do the instruction given by haloBCA officer. Do not be afraid to contact BCA through your preferred channel to immediately get our assistance!

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