2019-11-18 | Awas Modus

#AwasModus Beware of Fake BCA Social Media Accounts

Hello Netizens,

Have you followed BCA’s official Instagram account (@goodlifebca), or Twitter (@bankbca, @XpresiBCA, @kartukreditBCA, @goodlifeBCA, and @haloBCA)?

After you followed one of our official accounts, have you received a direct message from or followed by an account claiming to be BCA?

The account may pose as a help center and offer you assistance related to BCA products and services.

Be careful guys... That might be a fraud.

Beware of Fake BCA Social Media Accounts

You should realize there are many fake BCA accounts on Instagram and Twitter.

Below are some examples of fake BCA social media accounts:

BCA official account @goodlifeBCA has the following characteristics:

  • Verified account with a blue check mark
  • Our official account does not follow other accounts apart from business accounts or related accounts to BCA’s business
  • Our official account never sends any Direct Message (DM) to offer services and solutions to social media users

Please note that Bank BCA would not ask for your personal bank data. Protect the privacy of your ATM card number, OTP, PIN, credit card CVV, and other bank information. Do not share them to anyone, not even to bank employees.