2020-04-10 | Awas Modus

Beware of Cheap Car and Housing Offers

If you are looking to buy a car, motorcycle, or house, and want to quickly make your dream come true, please be careful. Lately, there have been frauds offering impossibly cheap cars, motorcycles, or houses as a modus.

Victims are usually people who often look at house or car sales advertisements through online marketplace or social media. With today’s advanced technology, fraudsters can easily catch their prey through digital footprints, and contact their victims via phone calls, text messages, or WhatsApp.

Be very careful, do not fall victim to their appeal or you might find your savings disappear, leaving your new car and house to continue to only be dreams!

How to identify this type of fraud

  • Usually, they claim to be:
    • Employees, auctioners, or “insiders” from the Office of State Assets and Auction Services Office (KPKNL), Directorate of State Asset Management (DJKN), or Customs Office
    • Housing complex developers or car dealers
    • Bank employees offering confiscated houses or cars from bad credits
  • Offering a tag price far below the market price. With the reason that those are confiscated goods available in limited quantities, victims are urged to immediately transfer a certain amount of down payment or full payment to their account.
  • Fraudsters will show you bogus documents, such as house certificates, car ownership proof (BPKB), or auction letters with fake letterhead to earn your trust.


Tips to not getting scammed

  • Be wise in using social media. Never share your personal data, such as ID card, family card, passport, phone number, email address, house address, etc. Realize your digital footprint can be easily abused by other people to conduct crimes.
  • Do not trust strangers who contact you through phone calls, text messages, or WhatsApp easily.
  • Do not get tempted to buy a car or house priced far below the market price. You must understand the auction character value, because auctions are carried out to obtain the best value or price, and thus never be sold at such a cheap price.
  • Double check any offers given on behalf of a party, such as developer, car dealer, bank, KPKNL/DJKN, or Customs Office, by contacting their call center or visiting their official website. If possible, pay a visit to their office.
  • DJKN auctions are only announced through newspapers or published on go.id website domain. Offering procedures are never done personally.
  • Payment for security deposit is always made to KPKNL official bank account. Never transfer money to a personal account before receiving the goods complete with valid documents.
  • If you find anything suspicious, report it to the local authority or police. BCA holds no authority to debit back money you had transferred.
  • To help you buy your dream house or car, use the KPR or KKB facility offered by banks as a solution. Go to co.id for more information on BCA KPR or KKB or call Halo BCA 1500888.