2018-10-29 | Awas Modus

#AwasModus Only You Should Know These Three Personal Data

Every day, we see that frauds toward bank customers are getting more varied. Many types of fraud can be done without face-to-face encounters or without taking your physical card. Thus, it is important not to give these kinds of data to anyone, including bank employees!

PIN (Personal Identification Number)

PIN is a secret password to enter your account. If you have ever written or taken pictures of your PIN, never let it shows in public places. Please remember, not even BCA employees will ask you to tell them your PIN for any reason.

CVV (Card Verification Code) or CVC (Card Verification Code)

CVV or CVC is the last 3-digit number on the back of your credit card. It is usually located on the signature section of your credit card. Only the card owner has the right to know the CVV or CVC number. Also, do remember that OTP and PIN, CVV or CVC, are highly confidential, you should not tell them to BCA employees and BCA would never ask you for CVV or CVC numbers.

OTP (One Time Password)

OTP is a dynamic, changing password sent by banks or e-Commerce websites via text message or email. OTP is provided to ask for your permission to access your bank accounts, such as to debit your bank balance or phone credit. OTP is also called the authorization code to a transaction. So, if there is a stranger asking for your OTP number with a reason to send you a lottery prize, immediately reject it!