23 Apr 2024 | Edukatips

How to Buy Phone Credit from Various Providers on myBCA

Running out of credit during an important situation can be a problem that can happen to anyone. But now, with the myBCA app, you can top up your mobile phone credit quickly and easily. The app allows you to buy credit from various mobile phone providers.

Advantages of Buying Credit via myBCA

With myBCA, you can buy mobile phone credit for yourself or other people. Here are some advantages of buying credit via myBCA:

1. Convenient

You can buy credit using myBCA anywhere and anytime, directly from your mobile phone.

2. No need to switch between apps

The myBCA app offers an easy and seamless process for buying credit without the need to switch between different applications on your phone. Payment will be made by deducting the balance from the BCA account connected to myBCA.

3. Multiple providers available

You can purchase credit from various cellular providers in Indonesia, such as XL, IM3, Tri, Smartfren, and Telkomsel through the myBCA app.

4. Flexible credit options

The myBCA app provides a variety of credit options that can be adjusted to your specific needs. You can choose a small amount of credit for a few calls, or a large amount of credit for roaming purposes.

How to Buy Credit via myBCA

You can buy credit on the myBCA app in the “Payment & Top Up” feature, which can be found directly on the app’s homepage. Here are the steps to buy credit on myBCA:

  1. Log in to myBCA, select the Payment & Top Up feature and select the Phone Credit menu with a phone icon.
  2. Choose the fund source from the account linked to myBCA.
  3. Enter the mobile phone number and select the credit amount you wish to buy.
  4. Check the details of your purchase, including fund source, mobile phone number, and credit amount.
  5. If all the details are correct, confirm the purchase by entering yourmyBCA PIN.
  6. Your credit purchase is successful and keep the proof of payment on your mobile phone.

That’s the steps to buy credit on myBCA. Not only to buy credit, this app can also be used to pay bills and taxes. Download the app on the Play Store and App Store now to enjoy all its features.