22 Apr 2024 | Edukatips

How to Pay Your BPJS Kesehatan Bill via myBCA

One of the recurring bills that you need to pay every month is your BPJS Kesehatan bill. This service is provided by the Indonesian government to all Indonesian citizens (WNI) to ensure they receive medical services. You must pay your BPJS bill on time to avoid late fees and keep your membership active. The good news is, you can make BPJS bill payments through myBCA.

Benefits of Paying BPJS Kesehatan using myBCA

The “Payment & Top Up” feature on myBCA offers a convenient way to pay your BPJS Kesehatan bill. Here are some of the benefits of using myBCA to make your BPJS Kesehatan bill payments:

1. Pay Anytime & Anywhere

You can pay your BPJS Kesehatan bill anytime and anywhere using your smartphone. You can also make payments before the due date.

2. Payment Without Switching Apps

You can use your BCA account balance linked to myBCA to complete your payment. You only need to enter your PIN to confirm the payment, so there’s no need to switch between applications.

3. Pay Other People’s Bills

You can also pay other people’s BPJS Kesehatan bills through myBCA, which is especially helpful for paying the bills of family members or close friends.

How to Pay Your BPJS Kesehatan Bill via myBCA

To pay your BPJS Kesehatan bill using the “Payment & Top Up” on myBCA, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to myBCA
  2. Choose the “Payment & Top Up” feature and select the BPJS Kesehatan menu
  3. Select the fund source account to use and the type of BPJS you want to pay
  4. Enter the bill number or the BPJS Kesehatan membership number and then click “Continue
  5. Review the data that appeared on your screen, including the bill number, participant name, and bill amount. If everything is correct, click “Pay
  6. Enter your PIN to confirm the payment
  7. Your BPJS Kesehatan payment is successful. Make sure to keep the proof of payment on your mobile phone.

That’s how you can pay your BPJS Kesehatan bill through the myBCA app. If you don’t have the app, download myBCA from the Play Store and App Store now.