04 Apr 2024 | Edukatips

Advantages of Online Donation Using Virtual Account Feature on myBCA

Helping those who are in need is a responsibility we all share, and one way to do this is by donating a portion of your wealth. The funds collected from donations will be used to provide assistance to those in need.

This social activity is recommended for everyone, particularly those who can afford it. Donating not only benefits the recipients but also brings blessings and happiness to both the donors and recipients.

Definition of Donation

Donation is an act of kindness where one offers help or donates to a party for a good cause. It is a voluntary gift that is given without expecting anything in return.

Assistance can be provided to people regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or race. This means that everyone has the right to help others by making donations, as long as it is done with sincerity and the intent to help.

Donations are not limited to money. Donors can also provide clothes, food, daily supplies, and even shelter. Some people argue that donations can also be made through the use of labor and time, especially when it comes to helping victims of a disaster on-site.

It is now possible to make donations online by benefiting from technological advances. This service can be accessed via a digital platform, which makes it more convenient for people who wish to donate or set aside some of their wealth to help those in need.

Benefits of Making Donations Online

There are several advantages to making an online donation. Here are some benefits of donating online:

1. You get to help others

Donations are collected to help those in economic difficulties due to calamities, the poor, and the elderly. The help collected through donations will ease the burden so they can live better.

2. Cleansing wealth

In our wealth, there is a small percentage of the poor’s rights. You can do this through donations, zakat, or providing other forms of assistance. Doing so clears all assets that you own of the rights of others.

3. Bringing happiness

Even the smallest act of kindness can bring happiness. Donating to others can make you feel happier and more content. This sense of relief comes from the sincerity and goodwill behind your donation.

4. Inviting more blessings

Many people believe that giving zakat, donations, and assistance to others can invite more blessings into your life. Those who regularly donate tend to live more peaceful and fulfilling lives. In terms of finances, donating can also open up the door to greater sustenance.

5. Making donations easier

One of the benefits of online donations is that it makes the process more convenient for donors. They can choose where and for what purpose their donation will be used. With this ease of access, it is hoped that more people will be encouraged to make donations.

How to Make Donations on myBCA

You can now donate online through the myBCA app using the Virtual Account feature. Here are the steps you need to follow to make a donation through the myBCA app.

  1. Log in to myBCA
  2. Select menu “Transfer
  3. Select “Virtual Account” menu
  4. Enter the Virtual Account number
  5. Select “Source of Fund” account
  6. Recheck the detail information, then enter myBCA PIN
  7. Online donation is successful

These are the steps to donate online through myBCA app. BCA also provides online zakat services. For more details, please check out the information here