20 Feb 2024 | Edukatips

Introducing the Privilege Feature on myBCA for BCA Solitaire and Prioritas Customers

As a BCA Prioritas and BCA Solitaire customer, you will get more attractive additional benefits for various daily needs. The Privilege Feature on myBCA now makes it easier for customers to find information on the latest benefits and facilties for BCA Solitaire and Prioritas customers.

Learn more about the Privilege feature and the benefits you can enjoy.

The Privilege Feature on myBCA for BCA Solitaire and Prioritas Customers

customers can directly view the benefits and facilities provided by BCA and its collaborating partners by clicking on the Privilege feature on the home page of the myBCA application. Check out the benefits of the Privilege feature below:

1. BCA Privilege Tab

Featuring benefits provided by BCA specifically for BCA Solitaire and Prioritas customers, such as special rate, Safe Deposit Box (SDB) services, Halo BCA Solitaire and Prioritas, and other special benefits.

2. Business Tab

Featuring special offers for franchise businesses and other business support solutions.

3. Education Tab

Providing information related to attractive promos from various schools and universities for pursuing further studies.

4. Health Tab

Featuring special offers at trusted hospitals and healthcare services both domestic and international.

5. LifestyleTab

Featuring a variety of promos that provide convenience to support lifestyles such as Food & Beverage, beauty, and many more.

6. Travel Tab

Providing special service benefits for travel planning, from booking flight and train tickets to booking accommodation.

Those are the exclusive services that Customers can get through the myBCA app. Download myBCA on the Play Store and App Store now and enjoy all the benefits.