31 Jan 2024 | Edukatips

The Benefits of Saving in A Foreign Currency

Saving in foreign currency can come with many benefits. Furthermore, funds in these savings can also serve as a future investment. The currency options in forex savings also vary and can be chosen according to your needs. Savings, such as in USD and SGD, are the most popular foreign currencies in Indonesia. Moreover, the requirements to get them are fairly easy.

Benefits of Having a Foreign Currency Savings

Having a foreign currency savings account and regularly increase your saving amount can be beneficial. Check out the list of benefits that you can get if you have savings in foreign currency:

1. Easy Access to Foreign Currency Savings

Foreign Currency Savings at BCA can be accessed through various BCA channels to view statements and balances. Customers can also deposit and withdraw banknotes with 1:1 condition at the nearest BCA branch up to a certain limit.

2. Competitive Rates

No need to worry if you want to use the funds in the foreign exchange savings. Account holders can directly convert the currency to Rupiah as needed. Conversion can be done either through BCA branches or via BCA channels such as myBCA, BCA mobile, KlikBCA, and KlikBCA Bisnis. The exchange rate is relatively competitive. When needed, simply withdraw your money and convert it directly to Rupiah.

3. Preparation for Overseas Education

For parents, you can also prepare a savings funds for your child’s education by taking advantage of foreign exchange savings. Especially if you have plans to send your children abroad.

Some schools, colleges, or universities abroad usually charge a fee package using US Dollar. Having foreign exchange savings can be a solution to accommodate these needs.

4. To Diversify Investment Assets diversifikasi aset investasi

Forex savings can also be used to diversify investment asset in addition to mutual funds, gold, and stocks. It is also suitable for customers who wish to manage finances in the medium to long term of around 5-7 years.

Are you interested in having a forex savings account? Take advantage of BCA Dollar savings to save in US and Singapore Dollars.

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