12 Dec 2023 | Edukatips

Cash flow Management Tips for Automotive Enthusiasts

Having hobbies can refresh our mind for a moment, one of them is automotive. Sometimes having an automotive hobby can cause financial challenges. Check these following tips to enjoy automotive hobby as well as maintaining your cash flow.

1. Set a separate budget for Hobby

After fulfilling primary needs, you can set a separate budget related to automotive hobby, such as fuel needs, routine maintenance, insurance, repair/replacement of spare part, to modification needs.

2. Do vehicle maintenance regularly

Regular maintenance, such as oil change, tire rotation and filter replacement can maintain vehicle performance and minimize extra budget expenditure. Take advantage of free facilities from dealers for a maintenance in authorized workshops after buying new vehicle that will benefit us as vehicle owner until several years. In addition, we are able to cut the budget as well as maintaining its warranty.

3. Choosing The Right Fuel

Choose the right fuel with octane that meets vehicle engine specifications in order to maintain vehicle performance and avoid damage to vehicle engine components. The comparison of octance and compression ratio of the vehicle needs to be directly proportional where the higher the compression ratio of the vehicle, the fuel with higher octane number is needed. Furthermore, you should avoid frequent empty fuel tanks to avoid the risk of damage to the engine.

4. Spend automotive needs rationally

If you don’t want to be impulsive and interfere your financial cash flow, you can search  for offers or promotions from several spare parts or modifications stores and compare prices offered based on the specifications. Shopping during special events can also be an option in getting discounts or certain gift bonuses.

5. Join automotive community

Aside from adding relations, joining automotive community can also give other benefits, such as the ease of getting information related to certain spare parts to getting special discounts from recomendation workshop. This can certainly help so that your cash flow can be maintained. Another thing to remember when joining automotive community is discipline in managing your hobby’s budget so that you are not always tempted by attractive offers that can interfere your cash flow from othes need.

6. Buy vehicle insurance

The last tips that has a big impact is vehicle insurance. By having vehicle insurance, you can avoid financial burden in case of an accident or unexpected damage to the vehicle. Choose insurance that suits your needs and financial capabilities.

To meet the need for vehicle insurance, BCA collaborates with BCAinsurance to provide several insurance products, one of them is vehicle insurance. Currently BCAinsurance has collaborated with 489 qualified vehicle workshops with partners spread across 52 cities in Indonesia. In additional, vehicle insurance with BCAinsurance can provide several advantages, as follows:

  • Expansion guarantee options that can be adjusted according to needs
  • No specific survey for vehicles up to 12 months old
  • Premium payment via autodebit account
  • Claim service from HaloBCA (1500888) and haloBCA application for 24 hours

For further information, you can contact the nearest BCA branch or click here.