30 Oct 2023 | Edukatips

For Heads of Families, Get to know these 5 Love Languages!

The head of the family has great duties and responsibilities. This sometimes makes us lose the moment to express our love. Learn this love language to express love to your loved ones and family.

  • Word of affirmation
    The first love language is known as the word of affirmation, which is expressed in the form of words. You can compliment your wife and children to motivate them with encouraging and inspiring words when they do something positive or when they need support and comfort when they face a challenge.
  • Quality Time
    Love language can take the form of quality time, which can be expressed by spending quality time together, such as accompanying children to do hobbies they enjoy, taking the family on a trip to a tourist spot, or simply spending vacation time with the family at home relaxing.

    This simple act will create a beautiful memory in the minds of the children, because your presence is not only the head of the family, but also a good friend to them.

  • Physical touch
    Your expression of affection as the head of the family can also be shown through the third love language, physical touch. This love language can be expressed through physical closeness and touch.

    You can express it by hugging, embracing, or carrying your children as a form of this love language. In this way, both parents and children can feel warmth and affection.

  • Act of Service
    If you want a closer relationship with your family, the love language of service can be an option. This language can be shown by helping the children with their chores, helping your wife with cooking or cleaning the house.
  • Receiving Gifts
    Another thing the head of the family can do to express love is to give a gift. Children generally enjoy receiving gifts, especially when they come from their parents.

    You can look for items that your children need or want and give them as a form of love.  In addition, as the head of the family, you should also give useful gifts, such as life insurance as a form of family protection.

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