17 Oct 2023 | Edukatips

Start Investing in ORI024 Issued in October 2023

It’s good news for investors, especially those waiting for the issuance of Government Securities. As of 9 October 2023, the government issued Retail Government Bonds coded ORI024 in two tenors, namely ORI024-T3 for the 3-year maturity and ORI024-T6 for the six-year maturity period. These types of investments are considered attractive because they offer profitable returns. Let’s find out more about ORI024 for investors and potential investors who are interested in it.

About ORI024

ORI024 was released on 9 October 2023 at 09.00 WIB. The offering period is set until 2 November 2023, with the allotment date on 6 November 2023 and the settlement date set to 8 November 2023.

With 2 available tenors, ORI024-T3 has a three-year tenor and will mature on 15 October 2026, while ORI024-T6 has a six-year tenor and will mature on 15 October 2029.

You can purchase ORI024 with a minimum order of Rp1,000,000 per unit which applies to its multiples. Regarding the maximum limit, the government sets two maximum orders. The maximum subscription limit for the 3-year tenor is Rp5 billion, while the 6-year tenor is Rp10 billion.

The 3-year ORI024-T3 coupon is set at 6.10% and the 6-year ORI026-T6 coupon is set at 6.35%

Benefits of ORI024

Do you have any doubts about investing in these Government Securities? Here are the benefits of ORI024.

1. Guaranteed by the State

SBN investment is guaranteed by the state and stipulated in the law. The government will allocate funds for coupon payments and return of principal for investors.

2. Monthly Coupon Payments

The government guarantees coupon payments every month until maturity. In other words, this investment is suitable for those looking for passive income every month. The bigger the capital spent, the bigger the return you get.

3. Two Tenor Options

ORI024 comes with two tenor options, namely 3 and 6 years. You can choose which maturity period suits your financial needs. You can take the longer tenor for bigger financial plans.

4. Tradable

Investors do not need to worry if they are in need of a quick return of capital, as ORI024 can be traded in the secondary market after the holding period set by the government ends on 16 December 2023. You can also potentially earn capital gains if the selling price is higher than the purchase price. The principal will be credited to your account within 2 trading days. After that, you can use the capital for other needs.

5. Can Be Used as Collateral for Productive Loans

You can also use ORI024 as collateral to apply for productive loans after the holding period or 1x (time) after coupon payment, starting from 16 December 2023.

Don’t miss the opportunity to invest and manage assets to get monthly passive returns and potential capital gains. Use the Welma feature in the myBCA application to order ORI024. Download myBCA app on Play Store and App Store now.