01 Aug 2023 | Edukatips

Easy Mortgage Simulation at Rumahsaya

When you want to buy a house using a mortgage, paying installments is something that needs your attention as it will affect your monthly expenses. Next is the house price, the down payment, the mortgage interest rate, and the term of the loan that will affect the amount of the mortgage installment itself. For your information, the sooner you have the mortgage, the longer the term will be, and as a result, the more affordable the installment will be.

To calculate installments easily, KPR BCA offers Rumahsaya.bca.co.id, a website that helps you to calculate the ideal installments according to your financial capabilities. 

It is very easy to do, go to Rumahsaya.bca.co.id, select the “Simulasi KPR” menu, check the simulation based on your needs, and then enter the requested details in the simulation feature. And voila! The monthly installment amount will automatically appear. However, if you need more detailed results, you can click on “Lihat Simulasi Lainnya” and then selectSimulasi Pembelian or “Simulasi Kemampuan". 

In addition, Rumahsaya also provides other simulations such as Refinancing Simulation, Renovation Simulation, and Interest Comparison Simulation. These various simulation features can summarize the calculation of monthly installments with the selected BCA KPR information and interest rates. 

Well, that’s a brief overview of the simulation features at Rumahsaya. So, do a KPR simulation now at Rumahsaya.bca.co.id and realize your dream home.