19 Jun 2023 | Edukatips

Benefits of Transactions using QRIS

When making a transaction or payment, there may be a choice of payment methods using cash, card, or QRIS.

To help you choose what to pay with, here are the benefits of making payments with QRIS on BCA mobile or myBCA.

Benefits of transactions using QRIS:

  1. Fast Process
    By paying using QRIS on BCA mobile or myBCA, you can save time since all you need to do is scan the payment process without entering your account number. Click here to see how to use QRIS on myBCA. Click here to see how to use QRIS on BCA mobile.
  1. Easy Payment Process
    Simply use your BCA mobile or myBCA app on your smartphone and choose the fund source account.
  1. Secure Transaction
    When making a payment, you will be asked to enter a PIN. Make sure the name of the merchant listed and the amount to be paid are both correct.

Now you know what to pay with right? If you don’t have a BCA mobile or myBCA app, download it now. 

Use the QRIS feature on BCA mobile or myBCA when making transactions! #QRISSatuMenangBanyak