28 Apr 2023 | Edukatips

10 Recommendations for Unique and Affordable Hampers Idea

Hampers can contain a variety of things, from general to personalized items that are tailored to the preferences or needs of the intended recipients.

Recommendation for Unique Hampers Idea

There are many variations of unique hampers that you can create yourself to send to your loved ones. Today’s hampers are no longer just packaged foods, but also other unique items. This way, it can impress the recipient more and create more personalized hampers. Here are some inspirations for unique and affordable hampers.

1. Assorted Artisan Tea Sets

Artisan tea sets can be a unique and personalized hamper idea for those who enjoy tea. They come in a wide variety of aromas, from lavender, camomile, jasmine, and so on. These teas are also beautifully packed, making them perfect for table centerpieces.

2. Coffee Sets and Paraphernalia

Besides tea, coffee can also be a unique and affordable food hamper idea. They can be coffee beans or powder, coffee cup sets, or even a simple coffee maker. These coffee set hampers can be a personalized gift to those who love coffee.

3. Air Freshener

Another hamper idea that you can try is air freshener products. They may come in different types, from aromatherapy candles, perfume diffusers, aromatherapy oils, and so on.

The aroma can also vary, you can pack the hampers with a wide selection of scents to give the recipient a wide variety of choices to use.

4. Gold Cards

Gold cards can also be a memorable hamper idea. The price is quite affordable because gold cards can now be purchased starting from just 0.1 grams. The card designs are also varied and unique. You can even design the card and personalize it according to the desired theme.

5. Organic Soap

Organic soap can be one of the unique and memorable ideas for hampers. Homemade organic soap has a distinctive scent as well as specific benefits for the skin. For example, to overcome dry skin, overcome acne on the back, and one that has a skin-smoothing scrub agent.

6. Body Care Products

Besides bar soap, you can also choose sets of body care products for hampers. These products can range from body creams, hand & body lotions, face masks, hair conditioners, and more.

These products can be arranged beautifully as hampers because each product has a simple shape with an appealing color combination.

7. TumblerorFoldable Cup

You can also send hampers in the form of a tumbler or foldable cup to accompany your tea or coffee. Currently, there are many tumblers with attractive designs and affordable prices. The advantage of this tumbler is that it can maintain the temperature of the drink for a certain period of time, either for hot drinks or cold drinks.

Besides tumblers, you can also give hampers in the form of a foldable cup, which are drinking glasses that can be folded. This glass is very practical because it can be folded in such a way making it very easy to carry everywhere.

8. Eco-Friendly Tableware

In line with the current eco-friendly trend, you can also give a set of eco-friendly tableware. Starting from plates, forks, and spoons, to cups made from eco-friendly materials such as wood. These materials, however, are food-grade certified so they are safe to be used as cutlery.

Apart from being used as cutlery, this eco-friendly cutlery set can also be used as a decoration on the dining table due to its unique and attractive design.

9. Books

Books can also be the idea of a unique and memorable hamper. You can give books to those who enjoy reading. The variety of books can vary, ranging from fiction, non-fiction, and autobiography, to comics which can be a light read in your spare time.

To make it even more personalized, it’s good to know what kind of books the person you are sending this hamper likes.

10. Cooking Spices

This hampers idea might be quite uncommon. However, assorted cooking spices wrapped in an attractive way can be a wonderful hamper to send. In addition, cooking spices will also definitely be useful for the recipient to cook various dishes.

Inspiration for unique hampers ideas can greatly grow in such a way depending on our creativity. To find hampers, you can use the Daily Shopping menu in the Lifestyle feature on BCA mobile. Check out more information here.