26 Apr 2023 | Edukatips

10 Tips for a Safe Holiday with Family During Eid

Eid holidays are a special moment for vacation and gathering with your loved ones. The joint leave during Eid offers a longer holiday, which allows you to visit family in your hometown while also taking a vacation to unwind from your routines. 

Check out some of the following tips for a more comfortable Eid holiday.

Tips for a Comfortable Holiday with Family during Eid

Remember that people are considering going on vacation during the Eid holiday. Many of them will take advantage of this week-long vacation to enjoy the same thing. So, pay close attention to the tips below to make your Eid holiday with your family more comfortable.

1. Set up a Financial Post

Prepare a separate budget. You will have a lot of expenses to make, both planned and unplanned. Therefore, make a separate budget for financial posts for vacation or Eid, such as a budget for traveling, eating out as well as saving to ensure that you do not run out of money after the Eid holiday is over. 

2. Avoid Unnecessary Luggage

Enjoying the Eid holiday is paramount. That’s why you don’t want to spoil the fun by bringing unnecessary items. if you bring too much stuff, you might end up with a lot of hassle or potential damage that will require an additional budget to repair. 

Bring enough clothes, for example, outfits for Eid and daily wear. Bring only things that will make your trip more memorable, such as food, drinks, or documentation equipment. 

3. Provide Cash and Beware of Possible Losses

Often overlooked in this digital era, keeping cash on hand remains necessary for certain things. For example, paying for parking, the toilet, or even buying snacks. However, only bring cash as needed. Don’t carry too much as it raises the risk of unwanted events during the Eid holiday. 

Furthermore, split the cash you carry into different places, from wallets, bags, or even pants pockets. Not only for easy access when needed but storing cash in different places can also reduce the risk of losing it. 

4. Explore Hidden Gems

The Eid holiday is the perfect moment to explore tourist spots in the city you are visiting. You should first find out about these tourist spots, including the routes, recommended places to eat, and the estimated budget for a vacation there. 

In addition, consider how popular the destination is. This has everything to do with whether or not these places will be busy during the holiday season. If you don’t like crowded tourist attractions, you should look for off-beaten path spots that are unknown to people and the prices can be relatively cheaper. 

5. Staycation at a Hotel

The Eid holiday doesn’t mean you have to go out of town and spend hours traveling. For those who are not going back to their hometowns, you can also have a memorable vacation in the city, such as a staycation at a hotel.

This staycation idea is basically to enjoy the facilities at the hotel of your choice. Do some research on hotels in your city and the facilities they offer. The facilities can range from stylish interiors, and swimming pools, to delicious breakfast. 

6. Take Advantage of Attractive Promos

The Eid holiday season is usually an interesting moment for businesses to offer all kinds of promos at attractive prices. You can take advantage of this to enjoy your Eid holiday and not have to overspend. 

To enjoy this promo, you should check the promos offered through various media channels, from social media, mass media, to websites. Further, credit card payments also offer a lot of deals. 

7. Get a Travel Insurance

For those planning to travel far, it never hurts to start preparing travel insurance. It will make your Eid holiday trip easier because you are protected against things that may occur anytime during the trip. 

In addition, it can also help you plan your finances well as it can prevent unnecessary expenses. If you plan to be away for a long time, make sure to provide extra protection for the possession left at home.

8. Buy Gifts to Share

Holiday gifts are a formality given to your closest relatives when you return from vacation. However, don’t make these gifts a must-buy item. To save your budget, simply buy gifts that everyone can enjoy. 

For example, buying signature local foods that can be shared with everyone. This way, you can save your travel budget and divert it to other more necessary expenses.

9. Simple Documentation

It would be a shame if you don’t capture this memorable vacation with your family. So, bring along a camera. Currently, there are many camera options with good quality that you can use for photos or video recording. 

If you think a smartphone camera is capable enough for the task, you should just use a smartphone. This is to reduce luggage weight or the risk of material losses.

10. Enjoy the Moment

Remember, moments of Eid holidays like this don’t come often because of each family member’s busy schedule. Make the most of this moment by enjoying it with all your family members. Forget about work for a moment, if necessary turn off all work-related things on your smartphone. 

You should not look at your smartphone too often while on vacation just to look at social media. You can do this anytime, but not with vacation moments with your loved ones.