17 Apr 2023 | Edukatips

Opening an Account Online on myBCA Become More Practical

Are you planning to open a new account with BCA? Did you know that you can now open an account online via myBCA?

Yes, this is a perfect solution for those who have high mobility but want to open an account online. In addition to saving time, it is very easy to do because it can be done on your smartphone. It doesn’t take long because the process is done online. This way, it takes less time.

Simply download myBCA and follow these steps:

How to Open an Account Online on myBCA

  1. Open myBCA and select “Buat BCA ID” now
  2. Register by filling in your data & password, then verify the mobile phone number sent via SMS
  3. Choose “do not have a BCA account” to open a new one
  4. Choose savings products and passport card types as needed
  5. Upload supporting documents and fill in your data
  6. Choose the branch for the account opening and prepare to make a video call with Halo BCA customer service
  7. Choose the branch for the account opening and then you will be directed to make a video call verification with BCA Customer Service
  8. After the video call, a successful account opening notification will appear. After that, make an initial deposit and create myBCA PIN to allow transactions on myBCA mobile.

Easy, isn’t it? No need to worry no more because you can open an account online on myBCA. With myBCA mobile, you can make cordless transactions such as cash withdrawals, cash deposits, transfers, pay bills, top-up Flazz, and more.

Try it for yourself!

Open an account on myBCA and you can also win prizes