14 Apr 2023 | Edukatips

Eid Homecoming with Travel Insurance

It is essential to have travel insurance when planning your trip, to protect yourself from the unexpected. Especially for those who have high mobility or often travel far. This insurance will protect you from the risk of loss in the event of cancellation, delay, luggage loss, or even accidents that cause disability or death.

However, this insurance is often overlooked by many people, especially when they are healthy and able to travel anywhere. If you think about it carefully, none know when these risks will occur. So, let’s find out more information about travel insurance below.

Introduction to Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is insurance that offers compensation should you experience certain problems when you are traveling both domestically and internationally.

Those advised to have travel insurance are all individuals who travel either alone, with a partner, or with family. This protection could serve to help provide peace of mind during the trip. The most important thing you should have in mind is not to hold off on having Travel Insurance after booking a ticket from the travel agency/official website/office of the transportation provider.

Benefits of Having Travel Insurance

Travel insurance offers various advantages in many aspects. The following are the advantages or benefits of travel insurance:

  1. Provides financial protection
    The first benefit you can get from travel insurance is protection against losses due to cancellations, postponement, delays in travel schedules, luggage losses, risks of accidents, and death during the trip.
  1. Comprehensive benefits
    Benefits up to 200% of the coverage limit
  1. Easy premium payment
    Payment made via auto debit or virtual account
  1. Affordable premium
    Premiums start from Rp24,900
  1. Provides peace of mind while traveling
    With the various benefits of travel insurance, you will have less stress when traveling both domestically and internationally.

Coverage period

The policy coverage period is based on the term:

  1. Single Trip Policy
    Maximum 180 calendar days
  1. Annual Travel Policy
    Maximum 90 calendar days per trip

So, don’t wait any longer to get travel insurance as part of your vacation or homecoming plans. Visit the nearest BCA Branch to get more information and apply for travel insurance from BCA insurance.