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Location Access Feature on BCA mobile

To improve transaction convenience when using BCA mobile, the BCA mobile app requires location access to a smartphone device.

How to configure location access on BCA mobile

  1. Log into BCA mobile via m-BCA
  2. A request for permission to access the location will appear. Click “Izinkan” to grant permission to access the location
  3. After granting permission, an option for location access permission will appear
  4. A notification will appear to activate the location permission in the mobile phone settings menu
  5. Confirm the terms and conditions. Click agree to proceed
  6. Enter your ATM card number
  7. If agreed, send an SMS for verification

Activation of location access on BCA mobile can be done when you activate BCA mobile for the first time, reinstall BCA mobile, change mobile phones and download BCA mobile, when you re-verify BCA mobile, and when Opening an Account on BCA mobile.