22 Jul 2022 | Edukatips

How to Open a Bank Account via BCA mobile Apps

The rapid growth of information and technology in the banking industry, especially in digital banking, is a manifestation of digital banking services that makes banking easier for the public. One of them is opening a bank account online.

What are the benefits and how to open a BCA account online?

Benefits of Opening a BCA Account Online

To facilitate many prospective customers who wish to open a BCA account but do not have time to go to the branch office, BCA offers Online Account Opening that can be done from anywhere.

It is pretty easy to do. Simply download and install the BCA mobile app that is available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or Huawei App Gallery. The benefits of opening a BCA account online are as follows:

  1. Customers can save time and transportation costs because now you can open a BCA savings account without going to our branch offices.
  2. Customers can also directly activate both mobile and internet banking from the get-go.
  3. Cash withdrawals and deposits via ATMs can be done without a BCA ATM card (cardless).
  4. Customers can also choose and get a Rp100,000 voucher during the promo period. Go to bca.co.id/dapethadiah to check the list of the vouchers.

BCA savings products that you can open via BCA mobile include Tahapan BCA, Tahapan Xpresi BCA, and Tahapan Gold. The terms and documents you need are as follows:

  1. e-KTP for Indonesian Citizen.
  2. NPWP.
  3. Signature in black ink on a white paper.
  4. Having your gadget connected to a stable internet connection.

How to Open a BCA Savings Account Online

First, download the BCA mobile application and make sure that your cellphone number is not registered with the BCA e-banking service. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Select the "Buka Rekening Baru" button, then click "Mulai"
  2. Select "Belum" to confirm you don't have a BCA account to open a new account
  3. Select the desired savings type and click Next.
  4. Verify your cellphone number via SMS. Make sure you have sufficient credit.
  5. After that, create an Access Code to open BCA mobile. The Access Code must consist of a combination of numbers and letters, and is confidential. Then, click Lanjut.
  6. Enter your email address and verify your email.
  7. Complete the required documents, then click "Lanjut".
  8. Complete your personal identity data, then click "Lanjut".
  9. Select the desired card type, then click "Lanjut".
  10. Select the branch office to open the account, then click "Lanjut".
  11. Confirm your personal data again, and check the terms and conditions for opening an account.
  12. Click Video Call to verify data with the Halo BCA agent.
  13. After that, activate mobile banking by creating a 6-digit PIN to authorize transactions on BCA mobile and also KlikBCA.
  14. Account is active!

Immediately make an initial deposit first to be able to start transactions. Cash deposits and withdrawals can be made through BCA Branches, or via the nearest BCA ATM, via the Cardless menu on BCA mobile.

To print cards, this can be done via the nearest CS Digital machine, or via a BCA branch.

You can do many other daily transactions via BCA mobile, without having to go to a BCA branch or using a physical debit card, including QRIS transactions for shopping payment from BCA account and Cardless feature for cardless cash deposits and withdrawals. Click this link to see other BCA mobile features to make your daily transactions easier.

Isn’t it easier to open an account online? You can still do your activities while opening a BCA savings account online. Good luck!