27 Mar 2023 | Edukatips

Tips to Maximize Credit Cards for Optimal Benefits

To date, credit cards are still considered a favorite non-cash payment tool in society. They also offer various attractive promos besides providing convenience in transactions.

According to the Bank Indonesia (BI) site, a credit card is a payment instrument using a card (APMK) that can be used to make payments, such as shopping transactions or cash withdrawals. Later, the cardholder must repay at the agreed time by charging the card or by direct repayment in installments.

How to Maximize Credit Card Benefits

To optimize your credit card benefits, check out these tips!

1. One-stop bill payment

Everyone usually has recurring monthly bills that must be paid such as phone, electricity, internet, water, and TV subscription. If you have a credit card, bill payments can be made through your card.

You can also earn reward points by using a credit card. These points can be used for things in the future, for example to pay merchants, etc. 

2. Use Promos and Discounts

Credit cards usually offer attractive promos within a limited period. Take advantage of these programs when making transactions to save more money. For regular purchases, try to look for promos at the merchants. To learn about the applicable promos using BCA credit cards, see here.

3. Collect and Use Reward Point for Your Needs

Every time you make a credit card transaction, you will get reward points. The accumulated points can be used for shopping, redeemed as shopping vouchers, and even for airline member mileage. By using reward points, you can save money on your shopping. To find out how to check BCA Rewards, please click here.

4. Use 0% Interest Installments

Credit cards usually offer interest-free installments at participating merchants. If this feature is available at participating merchants, you should make the most of it. The 0% interest during the installment period can ease your monthly credit card bill payments and keep you cash flow smooth.

5. Use the Cash Advance Feature

The last way to benefit from a credit card is by utilizing the cash advance feature or commonly known as called withdrawal. Besides debit cards, credit cards can also be used to withdraw cash at ATMs. This feature is useful when you are in an emergency.

That concludes the information on how to maximize your credit card. If used properly, credit cards can offer you countless benefits. Apply for a BCA credit card now! For more information about BCA credit cards, click the button below: