27 Mar 2023 | Edukatips

The Importance of Keeping Your Data Up to Date for BCA Credit Cardholders

If you’re a BCA credit cardholder, do you know the importance of updating your Credit Card data? This means updating the data registered with the bank. The types of customer data that need to be updated include personal identity data, address, personal contact, and employment.

The benefit is to maintain financial security from misuse by other parties, for example, related to mobile phone numbers or residential addresses. Furthermore, data updating is done to improve banking services and features. Here are some important reasons why you should update your credit card data:

  • First, to avoid card failure due to incorrect home/office address.
  • If your card has not been received, you cannot use and enjoy BCA promos.
  • You can get updates on BCA credit card promos and benefits to the appropriate email address/WhatsApp number/mobile phone number.

How do I update my data?

For credit cardholders who have not updated their data, here are some options for updating data that you can do:

  • Contact Halo BCA at 1500888
  • Halo BCA Agent will create a data update report
  • Customers are required to send supporting documents for data updates via email
  • Go to the nearest branch to update the data

Keep in mind, if someone calls you on behalf of BCA and asks for a data update, be aware of fraud and don’t fall victim to it.

Immediately update your credit card data through BCA’s official services. Always be careful of banking fraud on behalf of BCA that asks for your sensitive banking information.