15 Mar 2023 | Edukatips

How to Purchase Google Play Items using BCA Virtual Account

Do you want to buy apps, e-books, or other items such as skin and diamond from games?

You can now buy various digital items in the Google Play Store or In-App Purchase using BCA Virtual Account!

Here’s how to make in-app purchases in games using Virtual Account BCA:

  1. Select the game item/diamond
  2. Select payment with BCA
  3. Click “Get Payment Code”
  4. Copy the Payment Code
  5. Once you get the payment code, open BCA mobile, then select the m-Transfer menu
  6. Select BCA Virtual Account, and then enter the virtual account number
  7. Confirm the payment, click OK and the transaction is successful

You can make payments with Virtual Account via BCA mobile, myBCA, KlikBCA and ATM BCA. Use BCA Virtual Account for your transactions on Google Play Store or to make in-app purchases!