06 Mar 2023 | Edukatips

10 Things to Prepare for a Vacation Abroad

More and more countries have their borders reopened for international tourists, making traveling abroad popular again. The distinct culture and scenery serve as a major tourist attraction. However, do not to pack the essentials when deciding on a vacation abroad.

Not only material goods, travellers also need to have knowledge and information about the people, regions, and countries they travel to. That’s why, make sure to always update the latest information before deciding to plan a trip.

Things to Prepare for Travelling Abroad

Create a list on a paper or your smartphone for important items so you don’t miss them. Prepare yourself especially if it’s your first time traveling abroad. Check out the list of the necessary items to prepare when vacationing abroad:

1. Passport

The most important document that must be on the list is the passport. Passport is a document that will be checked when leaving Indonesia and when entering the destination country. It is better if you bring along a copy and pdf document.

The passport copy is used in case of loss while traveling abroad. With this, you can still make a return to your country.

2. Visa

Indonesian citizens (WNI) need to apply for a visa to visit some countries. There are also many types of visas depending on the purpose of the visit. Its validity period may also vary and requires re-application after the validity period expires.

Before deciding going abroad, find out first whether a visa is required to enter the destination country. If it is, go to the embassy of the destination country to apply for a visa.

3. Applicable Currency

Every country has their own currency. Make sure you have exchanged Rupiah with the local currency in the destination country. Adjust the amount according to your needs so you don’t spend too much.

Choose different bills, from large to small bills to suit your needs.

4. BCA Debit and Credit Cards

Many merchants abroad accept payment using cards issued by Indonesian banks. Not only that, these cards can also be used to withdraw cash at ATMs abroad. This step can be done when you are short of cash and need additional funds. You can see the steps to withdraw cash at ATMs abroad using BCA debit or credit cards here.

5. Personal Medicine

Avoid having your vacation interfered with by forgetting to bring personal medicines. Because the drugs may not be available in the destination country. Especially if it is a prescription-only medicine.

Make sure to keep your medicines in a separate bag. It should be easy to retrieve when needed. So, it’s wise not to put your meds in the suitcase, which will go to the luggage.

6. Plug Adapter

Some countries have different power outlets than Indonesia. The plugs you bring from Indonesia may be unusable there. Instead, try to bring an extra adapter so you can charge your gadgets and other electronic devices.

You can actually get your hands on this adapter at electronic stores in the destination country, albeit rather inconvenient. Besides, it’s usually more expensive.

7. Learn the Local Language

There is a term called survival language that those who frequently travel abroad need to learn. These words are used to communicate between locals and foreign tourists to save their “lives”.

That’s why you should learn the language of the local people in the country you’re traveling to. You don’t need to be fluent, just a handful of useful phrases to greet, order food, and ask for directions.

8. Buy Travel Insurance

Buying travel insurance is actually not mandatory for tourists who want to travel abroad. However, it can make your trip more convenient. Travel insurance can offer your protection in case of risk abroad.

That way, insurance can also keep the vacation budget from swelling when risks occur. We recommend that you include travel insurance in your overseas vacation budget.

9. Get Vaccinated

As the world is still in pandemic, travellers are expected to have undergone vaccinations before traveling abroad. Some countries are still very strict in this regard and require tourists to have received a number of vaccines.

Some vaccines will have an effect on the body. So, try to get vaccinated in advance.

10. Itinerary

Making an itinerary has many advantages when travelling abroad. It minimizes unnecessary confusion once you’re at your destination. Knowing where to go and what to do can save time on vacation.

Make a good, detailed itinerary. Make sure to include the duration when visiting a location to be able to get a lot of places to visit.

There you have it, a list of things to prepare when going on vacation abroad. Start planning your vacation in advance to have a wonderful vacation experience.