02 Mar 2023 | Edukatips

5 Tips for Buying an Apartment for Novice Buyers

Apartments have become so appealing to millennials as they offer many facilities, supportive public facilities, modern minimalist interior design, and especially strategic locations.

Especially for those living in urban areas with high mobility, everything must be fast-paced which time is essential. Apart from being a place to live, apartments can also be used as property investment instruments.

Are you interested in buying an apartment but afraid of losing money? Let’s take a look at 5 tips for buying an apartment that meets your expectations.

1. Research

Before deciding to buy, you should do some research to determine which apartment suits your needs. You can find out and compare prices, locations, facilities, and designs. You can carry out this research online through the developer’s website or directly at a property exhibition. 

2. Devise a Budget

Choose the type of room, location, and facilities according to your budget because it also affects the price of the apartment unit. Apart from that, you also need to consider the monthly recurring bills, such as cleaning fees, security, parking, and so on.

3. Choose an Apartment from a Trusted Developer

Trusted developers are more experienced and guarantee good service quality. This is done to avoid illegal actions. Usually, developers, who have partnered with large banks, have good credibility because the bank must have done an in-depth analysis before working with these developers.

4. Check the Apartment’s Legality and Regulations

Check and examine the documents/letters such as the HMSRS certificate, IMB, the last PBB when signing the loan agreement, and Sale & Purchase Deed (AJB). It is even better if you purchase with a mortgage because all the legal documents of the apartment you are going to buy will be examined by the bank in detail.

5. Payment

Once you’ve found the apartment of your choice, prepare a booking fee as a gesture that you are serious about buying the unit. If you use KPR, several costs need to be prepared such as Down Payment, administration fees, provision fees, life insurance, and so on. 

Well, if you have found a suitable apartment for you, make it happen with KPR BCA. You can do the instalment simulation first at Rumahsaya.bca.co.id. And if you already do the simulation, you can immediately apply at bca.id/bungaspesialkpr