14 Dec 2022 | Edukatips

Checking BCA Debit Card Information on BCA mobile

Checking Debit BCA card information is fairly easy. Simply take a look at the back and front of your debit card. The Debit BCA information consists of a row of numbers, cardholder’s name, and card’s validity period (Valid Thru) on the front, as well as the last 3-digit CVV/CVC code on the back of the card. Usually, this set of information will be needed when making online transactions at marketplaces or e-commerce with Debit BCA Mastercard.

But, how about customers who don’t yet have a physical card of Debit BCA? Can they still check their debit card information? Of course!

Because you can now check Debit BCA card information through BCA mobile. Do you want to know how? Let’s have a look.

How to Check Debit BCA card Information on BCA mobile

Before accessing this feature, make sure your BCA mobile has been activated for financial transactions.

  • Open BCA mobile
  • Select the 'Akun Saya' menu
  • Select 'Lihat Detail Kartu'
  • Enter your m-BCA PIN
  • Card details will be visible (To view card details, you can disable the “eye toggle” next to the number)

This set of Debit BCA information is important for transactions. They function as a security and validation code when doing an online transaction with debit card.

It's important to know, the CVV code is highly confidential. So, never share this code with anyone and for any reason, including to parties on behalf of Halo BCA or other official institutions, to avoid the misuse of the said code by fraudsters.

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Nevertheless, checking Debit BCA card information via BCA mobile is safe, because checking Debit BCA details is guarded with layered security, such as BCA mobile Access Code and PIN, eye toggle to hide/unhide card number details, and CVV code, that can only be unlocked by the account owner customer. So, don't ever share the information with others.

In addition, for those who wish to make online transactions with Debit BCA Mastercard, apart from checking card information, it is necessary to activate the Debit Online feature on BCA mobile as well. So that not just anyone can make transactions using a debit card without the permission of the card owner. Check how to control Debit BCA Mastercard transactions here.

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