13 Dec 2022 | Edukatips

Benefits of Using Credit Cards Abroad

Having a credit card can be very helpful when traveling abroad. The reason is, there are various benefits of using credit cards abroad for cardholders. Even better, you can also use your BCA Mastercard or Visa Credit Cards for transactions abroad.

Credit cards are also suitable for those who enjoy hassle-free travel. Simply bring one card for transactions at various merchants in many countries.

Benefits of Using Credit Cards Abroad

Not only in terms of convenience, credit cards also provide other benefits such as installments, reward bonus, and ease of payment. Check out the benefits that you can obtain when using a credit card abroad:

1. Convenient

Credit cards allow you to carry out any transactions without having to exchange your Rupiahs. Besides, credit card holders do not need to deal with the change when shopping.

2. Withdraw Cash

No need to bother looking for a money changer to exchange money. BCA Mastercard and Visa credit cards allow you to withdraw cash at ATMs in the respective foreign currency. BCA also offers competitive exchange rates. For full information about international cash withdrawals, check here

3. Deals and Promotions

Credit card holders can obtain promos for transactions at international partner merchants. They can enjoy various promos such as discounts and 0% installments.

4. Travel Insurance

Certain BCA Credit Card holders can also get insurance automatically without any fees. This insurance applies to the immediate family member of the cardholder. Apart from parents, it can also cover their children up to a maximum of three people.

5. Ease of Converting Transactions Into Installments

No need to worry about credit card bills after returning from abroad. Credit card transactions can be converted into installments of up to 12 months. This can be used by credit card holders to maintain their cash flow after their holiday.

Those are the benefits you can get when using a credit card abroad. Don’t have a BCA credit card yet? Apply for a BCA credit card now and get all the convenience of overseas transactions.