06 Dec 2022 | Edukatips

Tips for a Budget Vacation to Bali à la BCA

Bali is still one of the go-to holiday destinations for Indonesians. Given the many things that can be done on the island, domestic tourists still need to make careful preparations to ensure a comfortable, enjoyable, and budget holiday experience. That’s why it is important to prepare before leaving for Bali, while in Bali, and for the return of the trip. Find out the tips for a budget vacation to Bali below.

Tips for a Budget Vacation to Bali

Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been to Bali several times, you need to prepare to have a great vacation. Check out these tips for a budget-friendly Bali vacation below:

1. Create a Vacation Budget

One thing that should not be forgotten is the budget. Determine the amount of the entire vacation budget, from transportation tickets, lodging, entrance tickets to tourist attractions, to the budget for meals while there. Devise a detailed budget and separate it into different posts.

This budget also ensures that there is no shortage of funds or even overspending. However, make sure you also keep a reserve fund available for emergencies that may arise.

2. Book Flight Tickets and Accommodations in Advance

Booking flight tickets in advance opens up an opportunity to get cheaper prices. This will certainly save the budget for your vacation in Bali later. Book flight tickets and hotels at least three or four months before departure.

Advance booking also helps you avoid running out of tickets and accommodations. In fact, there’s a possibility of getting accommodation with the best facilities at a more affordable price. Moreover, buying flight tickets and booking hotels can be done through the Lifestyle feature on BCA mobile, simply search-book-pay through just one application. For more information on the Lifestyle feature, check here.

3. Arrange Your Transport

Transportation is something that needs consideration while in Bali. Different tourist destinations require different mode of transportation. However, transportation needs to be included in a separate budget.

For travelers who want to get a comfortable transportation, you can order a taxi using the BCA mobile Lifestyle feature, where you can make bookings directly or scheduled at a specified time according to your needs. For full information, check here.

4. Go to Affordable Tourist Attractions

Visiting tourist attractions does not always require a lot of money. There are tourist attractions with affordable ticket prices. Many of them feature great natural beauty of offer a variety of interesting activities.

To ensure your vacation goes smoothly, it’s a good idea to book your entrance ticket in advance on BCA mobile’s Lifestyle feature. Find the desire attraction in the Attraction Ticket section and select the desired date. For full information, check here.

5. Buy Street Food

Instead of eating at expensive restaurants, try going to street food places around Bali. Several places to eat offer authentic recipes that have been used for generations. The taste? No doubt about it. In addition, they are more affordable. This can help you save up while in Bali, especially if you’re staying for a long time.

Eating street food also helps local MSMEs to maintain their business and helps the economy. Your holiday will become more meaningful.

6. Buy Gifts as Needed

There are still many people who consider souvenirs a must during a vacation in Bali. Unfortunately, buying gifts excessively will actually make your budget swell. Therefore, try to buy gifts as needed.

To save more, buy souvenirs at traditional markets. Make sure to set aside a special time to shop for souvenirs before returning home from Bali.

That’s a series of tips for a budget vacation in Bali. Let’s prepare your vacation now!