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Everything To Know About BCA ID for Easy Access to myBCA

Amid fast-paced, frenzied routines, we need banking services that can accommodate all transactions, from checking balance, opening a deposit account, and making fund transfers.

Similarly, when you own more than one account, it could be quite a hassle, if you must log out and log in to the application to access a different account.

The good news is that BCA has a solution to address this issue, namely myBCA. Through this digital platform,  you can access all of your BCA accounts in one app.

However, it is necessary to know that you must have a BCA ID to access myBCA.

What is BCA ID?

BCA ID is a single user ID used for accessing financial and non-financial services on myBCA and Welma. It can be created easily and must contain both letters and numbers, with a minimum of 6 characters and a maximum of 21 characters.

Easy Ways to Create BCA ID on myBCA

If you already have  myBCA, you can access the application by creating BCA ID in MyBCA first with the following steps:

  1.  Open myBCA
  2. Select  “Buat BCA ID”
  3. Determine the BCA ID, email address and password, check Term and Condition, then select “Submit”
  4. Account confirmation. If you have no BCA account, open your BCA’s account first. Check how to open account here
  5. Enter your ATM card numbers, and select “Lanjut”
  6. Send SMS for Verification
  7. Enter “PIN m-BCA” if you already have m-BCA
  8. Check email to activate BCA ID
  9. Re-login using BCA ID registered


How to Solve Blocked BCA ID

It is common to find yourself making mistakes as you are about to use banking services that could lead to being locked out of access. Even when using BCA ID on myBCA, such as entering the wrong password 3 times in a row that will block your access to myBCA or block your BCA ID.

If this happens when you want to access myBCA apps, no need to panic. Here are the solution:

  1. Contact Halo BCA 1500888 by phone or haloBCA apps to unblock your BCA ID
  2. If the block is opened via Halo BCA, re-open myBCA and select "Reset Password"
  3. Enter BCA ID and ATM card numbers
  4. Create new password for your BCA ID
  5. Enter PIN for verification
  6. Sent SMS verification
  7. Reset BCA ID already success

Based on the explanation above, you should enter your BCA ID and PIN on myBCA correctly from now on. And to avoid being blocked, follow the tips below!

  • Create an alphanumeric BCA ID password and PIN that is easy to remember. But, please ensure that it’s not easy to guess.
  • Avoid using obvious personal information such as date of birth, number sequences, such as 123456, or repetition of numbers, such as 11122.
  • Always keep confidential your personal banking data, such as BCA ID and its password. Remember, #DatamuRahasiamu

It’s easy to create a BCA ID, isn’t it? So is unblocking your BCA ID. You can simply contact Halo BCA 24-hour service.

Wait no more! Create your BCA ID now to make your banking transactions easier at BCA.

So, how do you proceed with myBCA verification? Take a look at the steps below.

myBCA Verification Process

1. Log in to myBCA

2. Send an SMS for verification

3. Proceed with Facial Verification and click "Lanjut"

4. Proceed with the e-KTP photo

5. Confirm and verify your ID Card photo

6. Confirm and verify your ID Card data

7. Proceed with the selfie process

8. Send the OTP code by clicking "Lanjut"

9. Enter the OTP code

10. Verification is successful you can log in to myBCA

Who needs to do Verification Process on myBCA?

  • Customers who download and/or log in to myBCA.
  • Customers who have previously logged in to myBCA, but then change to a new device, and this is the first time logging in to myBCA on the new device.

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