12 Sep 2022 | Edukatips

Tips for Watching Music Concert for the First Time

Attending a concert is an activity that appealed to many. Experiencing live music performance is different from listening to it through other platforms. Furthermore, you can meet your idol while attending a concert.

For first-timers, you probably have feelings of anxiety about attending a concert. But, worry not. Check out the following tips for attending a concert for the first time to enhance your experience.

Tips for Attending a Concert for the First Time

No need to be confused, let alone panic, when you’re attending a music concert for the first time. With proper preparation, attending a live music performance for the first time can be an unforgettable experience.

Here are the tips for attending a concert for beginners:

1. Keep Your Body Fit

Having a prime physical condition will surely enhance your experience when attending a concert. You sure don’t want to miss it because you suddenly get ill on D-Day. Before the big day, make sure to keep your body fit.

Maintaining your health is simple. Consume balanced nutritious foods and do not forget to get enough rest or sleep at night. Stay active by exercising for approximately 30 minutes every day. Not only does it make you fit, but also ensures your stamina after the concert.

2. Wear Comfortable Clothes

Wear an outfit according to the venue. If it’s an indoor performance, wear something warm because it’s usually chill inside due to the AC. On the other hand, wear a sweat-absorbing outfit to avoid the heat while attending an outdoor concert. For example, wear a t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

The most important thing is to wear something comfortable when attending a concert. Avoid wearing high heels, instead, wear something more comfortable such as sneakers. It is because there’s usually a long line and you might stand for a long time throughout the concert.

3. Come Early

Remember that there will be a lot of people attending the concert. That’s why the line is usually long. Not to mention that in certain categories there are no specific seat numbers or positions assigned to them. So, the sooner you come, the better view you will get.

4. Bring the Ticket

Tickets are the most important thing to bring. Don’t panic or be overexcited that you rush off and forget to bring the ticket.

Also, check the provision of online ticket redemption. The redemption methods may differ from one promoter to another. Some allow redemption on D-Day, and some require one day before the event.

5. Fully Charge Your Phone

Another tip for you is to make sure that your phone is fully charged. Attending a concert usually takes a whole day, from standing in line to watching the performance. While standing in line to enter the venue, there might not be plugs around the venue. So, make sure to fully charge your phone.

If necessary, bring a power bank in case you need to use your phone. For example, contacting a friend who’s planning to attend the concert together or ordering an online taxi after the concert.

6. Don’t Forget to Eat

Despite the fun, attending a concert is also exhausting. Make sure to eat first before going to the concert. This way, you’ll have more energy to watch the live performance.

Some concerts take hours to finish. Make sure to fill up yourself with food. There are usually food stalls selling snacks around the venue.

7. Bring Water

Some promoters do not allow guests to bring food and drink into the music venue. But other promotors allow it. Check the provisions imposed by the promotor.

If allowed, you should bring water from home. Besides being more cost-effective, bringing drinks from home save your time from standing in line to buy water. Pick a handy bottle to bring.

8. Only Bring What’s Needed

When watching a live performance, the crowds are crammed in tight. Bringing too much stuff will only limit your movement, making your experience less enjoyable. So, bring only what you need and bring a small bag for ease of movement.

9. Memorize the Lyrics

The last tip for attending a concert for the first time is to memorize the songs. The purpose is for you to be able to sing along with your idol throughout the concert.

How to Buy a Concert Ticket

If you plan to attend a concert, the ticket is the most important thing to have. Here are the tips to buy a ticket:

1. Buy in Advance

Usually, ticket sales are open a few months before the concert is held. The best time to buy them is during the pre-sale because they’re usually cheaper.

Besides, buying the ticket early gives you a bigger chance to get your hands on it. Especially if it’s a top musician whose fans are loyal.

2. Online Purchase

Nowadays, concert tickets are available for online purchase. One of them is through the BCA mobile app. It is more convenient and easier to do it through BCA mobile. Simply log in to BCA mobile, select Lifestyle, and then select Tiket Event and find the concert you wish to attend. After that, complete the payment process and you’re done. For more information about the Lifestyle feature, click here.

Attending a concert for the first time could make you a little bit anxious. Follow the tips above to better prepare yourself. Enjoy!