09 Sep 2022 | Edukatips

Tips to Travel Abroad During the Pandemic

Technology can make a holiday better. It makes it easy for us to buy tickets, book a hotel, and attraction tickets for various destinations online. It, of course, makes our experience better.

There are various destinations, from natural attractions to theme parks for families. Not only in Indonesia, but you can also buy tickets for overseas destinations online.

Traveling abroad is, in fact, fun. However, some countries still impose travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic reported around the world. Before you buy a trip and attraction tickets, it is good to know some tips for traveling abroad during the pandemic.

1. Learn About Your Destination Country

You may learn that the destination country is tightening travel regulations, which will impact the incoming travellers. So, ensure that your destination country has fully opened its borders to international tourists.

2. Check the Entry Requirements

Each country has different policies for international tourists who wish to enter the country. Make sure to check with your destination country for the information you need. Some countries may require all visitors to show proof of vaccination and a negative PCR test.

3. Maintain Health Protocols

Health protocols remain mandatory during the pandemic. Among others, always put on a mask, wash hands frequently, and maintain your distance. Do not forget to maintain your health by taking vitamins, a nutritious diet, and adequate rest.

4. Bring Your Own Health Equipment

Make sure to always have a spare mask anywhere you go. Furthermore, bring hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands in case you can’t find a handwashing station in the vicinity. Don’t forget to always clean yourself after coming back from public places.

5. Don’t Force Yourself

You can suddenly fall ill due to many factors. If this happens to you, it’s better to cancel travel plans and recuperate at home.

How to Buy Attraction Tickets Online

Holidays are more fun by visiting tourist destinations and attractions. Now, online tourist attraction ticket purchases can be made through the Lifestyle BCA mobile feature. Follow the steps below to obtain tickets easily:

  1. Log into the BCA mobile app
  2. Log into m-BCA
  3. Select Lifestyle
  4. Select the tourist attraction you wish to visit
  5. Select your arrival date
  6. Choose a ticket
  7. Determine the number of tickets
  8. Click “Continue”
  9. Fill out your data
  10. Check the data on display and click “Continue"
  11. Click “Pay Now”
  12. Enter m-BCA PIN
  13. Save the receipt

Advantage of Buying Attraction Tickets via BCA mobile

There are various advantages and comforts to enjoy when buying attraction tickets using the Lifestyle feature on BCA mobile. The advantages are as follows:

1. Wide Selection

Travel lovers can find many choices for popular domestic tour tickets. There are also options for trips to neighboring countries. If you wish to travel even further, you can book a ticket to a number of attractions in Europe.

2. Ticket Purchases Using Rupiah Currency

Even though the destinations are located overseas, the ticket prices are in Rupiah. So, you don’t need to convert the currency anymore.

3. All-in-One Payment

It offers convenient payment when buying tourist attraction tickets. Since the purchase is made directly on BCA mobile, payments can be finalized through the app. You don’t need to switch between apps anymore.

That’s all the information about attraction ticket purchase services using the Lifestyle feature on BCA mobile. Check other features and services on BCA mobile here.