01 Sep 2022 | Edukatips

Tips for Getting Cheap Hotel Room Rates

It takes a lot of preparation to go on vacation. Transportation tickets must be booked in advance and you must not forget to book accommodation in the destination city.

Booking a hotel actually can be done near your holiday departure. It can also be done online through digital platforms. Booking a hotel online makes life easier because you don’t need to physically go to the hotel.

It is also recommended to make hotel price comparisons to be more cost-effective. Here are some tips that you can do to get cheaper hotel room rates:

1. Choose the Right Date to Stay

Day selection can affect hotel room prices. Weekend rates tend to be higher than weekdays. Usually, compared to all days, staying from Sunday-Monday is the cheapest option.

2. Book a Hotel During Low Season

Entering the holiday period, tourism sees increasing demands for accommodation. Therefore, you might want to go on vacation during the low season.

3. Room Downgrade

There’s nothing wrong with choosing a lower-class hotel room to get the best deal. If you choose a nice hotel, even the lower-class rooms will still make a comfortable stay. You can downgrade your room if you’re planning to stay for longer period of time.

4. Take Advantage of Promo

The best way to get cheaper hotel prices is to use promo. You can get discounts or other promo packages when booking a hotel online on a digital platform.

How to Book Hotel Online via BCA mobile

Online hotel booking is now available through the Lifestyle feature on the BCA mobile app. Here are the steps to make an online booking via BCA mobile:

  1. Log in to BCA mobile
  2. Log in to m-BCA
  3. Select Lifestyle
  4. Select Hotel
  5. Select destination city
  6. Set the check-in date
  7. Determine the duration of the stay
  8. Determine the number of guests and rooms
  9. Select “Cari” to search for hotel rooms
  10. Select the hotel shown in the search result
  11. Select the room
  12. Fill out your data
  13. Check the data
  14. Select “Bayar Sekarang” to pay
  15. Enter m-BCA PIN
  16. Save the receipt

Advantages of Booking Hotels via BCA mobile

You can enjoy many advantages if you make an online hotel booking using BCA mobile. The advantages are as follows:

1. Competitive Price

The BCA mobile’s Lifestyle feature offers competitive prices for hotel bookings. It also offers attractive promos to all BCA customers. To find out about the latest promo from the BCA mobile’s Lifestyle feature, click here.

2. Wide Hotel Selection

Customers can find a wide selection of hotels in different destinations to cater to their needs. In addition, the room selections also vary. Customers can choose the room facilities for their stay.

3. Book at Any Time

BCA mobile can be accessed easily at anytime and anywhere. Simply have internet connection to access the app from your smartphone. In the practical era today, it has become an easy and safe step to offer ease of facility through your smartphone.

4. Review from Other Users

User reviews are very useful. Customers can learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of the hotel at which they’re planning to stay. These reviews are available online when you want to book the hotel.

5. Direct Payment through the App

BCA mobile offers ease of transaction and payment for a hotel booking. You can make payments directly from the app without switching between the apps. The proof of payment is also available in real-time on the BCA mobile app.

Those are the advantages you can obtain when booking a hotel online using the Lifestyle from BCA mobile. There’s still much more you can do with the Lifestyle feature. Check here for complete information.