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How to Unblock a BCA Debit or Credit Card

Have you ever had your BCA Debit or Credit Cards blocked? If it happens, and you could feel panic because you can’t make any transactions such as cash withdrawals or deposits at ATMs or settling transactions through an EDC machine.

The most common reason your cards get blocked is caused by repeatedly entering wrong Personal Identification Number (PIN) at ATM or EDC machine. For this reason, the issuer will automatically block the card for safety reasons. Or the card is blocked for security because there is indication that it has been misused.

Furthemore, a credit or debit card can be blocked as per cardholder request. For example, when your card is stolen or misplaced, one may choose to block a debit/credit card to prevent unlawful or unauthorized access to your card.

So, how do you unblock your BCA Debit or Credit Card? Follow the steps below!

How to Unblock a Debit Card via BCA Branch

You can also unblock your BCA Debit Card at the nearest BCA branch. The steps are as follows:

  1. Get your identification document such as KTP for Indonesian citizen and Passport for other nationalities.
  2. Visit the nearest BCA branch and bring all necessary documents
  3. Tell our Customer Service agent about the problems you experienced
  4. Fill in the Application Letter to Unblock ATM card
  5. Your card is successfully unblocked
  6. For the security and convenience of your transaction, change your new PIN at the BCA ATM machine

How to Unblock a Debit Card via HaloBCA

Unblocking BCA Debit Card through Halo BCA can only be done for Debit Card that was blocked because you have entered your PIN incorrectly for 3 times in a row at ATM or EDC machine.

To unblock your BCA Debit by contacting HaloBCA 1500888 or through the haloBCA application in the following ways:

  1. Open the HaloBCA app
  2. Select “Call” service and “Perbankan” menu
  3. Once connected with Halo BCA, tell our agent the problem you experienced, which is entering wrong PIN
  4. Halo BCA will then verify your data and identity
  5. If the data is found to be correct, our Halo BCA agent will unblock your card and reset your Debit BCA PIN.
  6. Your Debit Card is ready to use
  7. For the security and convenience of your transactions, change your PIN at ATM BCA

How to Unblock a Credit Card via Halo BCA

BCA Credit Cards that are blocked due to incorrect PIN input five times in a row at the ATM/EDC machine will be reset automatically on the next working day, and can be used again for transactions without needing to contact Halo BCA.

If the cardholder forgets their old BCA Credit Card PIN, they can reactivate the PIN via myBCA, BCA mobile, BCA ATM or www.bca.co.id/creditcard (e-Statement & PIN Activation menu). Credit Card PIN activation via ATM or www.bca.co.id requires an authentication code in the form of 6 numeric digits which is sent to the BCA Credit Card holder via SMS to the mobile number registered on the BCA Credit Card. If the card holder has not received/did not receive the authentication code, the authentication code can be requested via the following means:

Channel Information



Website BCA

Access www.bca.co.id/creditcard and click e-Statement & Aktivasi PIN.

Halo BCA

Contact Halo BCA at 1500888

Note: The validity period of the authentication code for activating the BCA Credit Card PIN is seven calendar days after it is sent to the cardholder.

For your information, to unblock a Debit BCA card at your request due to loss or theft, simply visit the nearest BCA branch. Meanwhile, for BCA Debit Cards which are automatically blocked by BCA for security reasons, customers need to visit a BCA Branch or CS Digital BCA machine to replace the card. Meanwhile, for BCA Credit Cards that are blocked at the customer's request via the myBCA, BCA mobile or Halo BCA, due to loss or theft, the card needs to be replaced so that it can be used again.

Need not to be panic if your BCA Debit/Credit card is blocked. Simply follow the steps mentioned above and you can continue perform any financial transactions.

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