04 Apr 2022 | Edukatips

6 Preparation Tips for Building Your Dream Home

2. House Type

You need to determine the type of house you want. Make sure that it is still within your budget range to ensure smooth house development.

In Indonesia, house types include type 21, 36, 45, 54, 60, etc. The greater the number, the bigger the house which consequently affect the amount of funds spent on the construction. However, adjustments can be made to match what you need, from the contractor, design element, and other factors.

Type 21 until type 45 houses are among the good option for a new family. For a household that requires 3 or 4 bedrooms, type 54 and type 60 houses are the answer. Meanwhile, type 70 and 120 onwards are usually for households of large families.

3. Adjust the Rooms to Your Family Needs

If you already have a house type in mind, it’s time to break the plot into a floor plan. Make sure the space is in accordance with your needs.

For example, start by determining the number of bedrooms to have, how big the living room, kitchen, yard, and garage are. Make a list of the rooms you need in details or consult with a design team.

4. Find Design References

In building a dream home, make sure the design is what you have always dreamed of. Expand your insight into the different styles of architecture to make the design of your dream home easier to realize.

Among other architecture styles, one that is being favored these days is a dwelling with a minimalist, modern, or contemporary style. Furthermore, to make your house looks elegant, you can adopt classic, colonial, and Mediterranean designs.

5. Finding Contractor Services

After devising a budget and plan to build your home, you need to find a contractor. Find a trusted developer that has a good amount of experience in the industry.

Draw a contract that contains complete and clear stipulations on the construction period, wages and fines for late completion beyond a specified deadline. Make sure to hire a reliable vendor to avoid problems and risks during the construction or renovation timeline.

6. Obtaining a Building Permit

Having legal documents to build a house is a must. The Building Permit (IMB) must be processed and completed when building a house to comply with the applicable law. Obtain your building permit through the proper, legal channel, and avoid hiring a middleman.

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