04 Mar 2022 | Edukatips

What is a KPR? Let’s Find Out What and How to Apply for KPR BCA!

You must have heard the term Kredit Kepemilikan Rumah (KPR) or home loan. This acronym is usually heard when buying a house or an apartment. But do you know what a KPR is?

As the name implies, KPR is a loan facility in which your property - house, shophouse, rukan (home office), rukos (house & dorm rooms), SOHO, and apartment - is the collateral and the payment is made in installment. BCA offers KPR products to make it easy for people to obtain the house of their dream through light installments. To learn more, read more about KPR below!

KPR BCA Based on its Purpose

There are 3 types of KPR BCA:

  1. KPR Pembelian
    One main purpose of the housing loans is for the purchase of houses, shophouses, rukan, rukos, SOHO, and apartments whether new or old.
  1. KPR Refinancing
    KPR BCA also offers an easy and fast financial solution for customers. With light installments and low and stable rates, KPR BCA can be used to get funds from BCA with the property as the collateral.
  1. KPR Renovasi
    BCA also offers solutions for renovations. When you need to expand your house due to the new addition of a family member, or as simple as wanting a new change at home, KPR Renovasi is the answer.


KPR Simulation

Now that you’ve learned the three types of KPR, it is time to learn about their advantages. KPR BCA offers many choices of interest rates, features, partner developers, and property agents that make home purchases and KPR applications easier. BCA provides services for KPR installments simulation via rumahsaya.bca.co.id . Once you’ve tried the KPR simulation, it’s time to apply for the KPR. Please check these steps to apply for KPR BCA online:

  • Click the following webform
  • Sign in with your account, select Register Now if you don’t have an account
  • Follow the instructions carefully
  • Prepare the necessary documents and upload them for the KPR BCA application.

Now, you know what a KPR is and how to apply for it. We hope that you’ll be more sure in choosing KPR BCA to realize the house of your dream.

Apply for KPR BCA now! Because there is a 3,85% fixed 3 year special interest program for new and old houses until November 30, 2022. For more information, please click the button below: