17 Feb 2022 | Edukatips

KPR BCA, Make Your Dream House a Reality

*Update : 2 Dec 2022

Housing loan or commonly abbreviated to KPR is not a new thing in the banking world. KPR has always been a solution to help people realize their dream homes, without having to set up a large amount of money. KPR can be used for various purposes, such as buying a house. KPR also can be used to finance a home renovation to make it feel new again, and to provide funding solution for various financial needs.

When loan disbursements are made, it also includes interest that must be paid. KPR BCA offers a wide selection of special interest rates that can be tailored to your needs and financial capabilities. One special interest rate program from KPR BCA is the 3-year fixed special interest of 3.85% eff. p.a. (Bunga Spesial 3.85% eff.p.a. Fix 3 tahun) which is available for new and old houses. This special rate is valid until 30 November 2022. 

For those who are still looking, you don’t need to worry, because KPR BCA has partnered with a lot of trusted developers and property agents. Those are some of the advantages of KPR BCA. Well, you must be looking forward to signing up for KPR BCA.

Online application has now become a solution to apply for a KPR from anywhere, at any time. Here are five easy steps to apply for a KPR BCA online:

  1. Prepare the necessary personal and collateral documents, check here
  2. Open the KPR BCA web form
  3. Register to get a user login
  4. Fill in the data and upload all the necessary documents
  5. Submit your e-form and wait further news from BCA

Make your dream house a reality with KPR BCA. Come on, apply for KPR BCA now! 

For further information about KPR BCA, please click here or contact Halo BCA 1500888 and mention us on Twitter @HaloBCA.