03 Jan 2022 | Edukatips

How to Replace Your Expired Debit BCA Card

All chip-based cards issued by BCA have expiration dates. It can be found on the front the card that reads valid thru followed by a date indicating the month and year (MM/YY).

If your Debit BCA Card expire, you cannot use it to perform any banking transactions. Cash withdrawals and transfers via ATM BCA or transactions made via EDC BCA will be declined.

How to Replace the Debit BCA Card with A New One

There are various ways to replace an expiring or expired Debit BCA Card with a new one.

CS Digital

Visit BCA branch where CS Digital is available, click the “Kartu” menu and select “Ganti Kartu” and follow the instructions.

BCA Branch

The replacement of the old Debit BCA Card to the new Debit BCA Card can be done at all BCA Branch Offices throughout Indonesia.

BCA card replacement is free of charge if done less than or equals to 3 (three) months before the card expires.

Get a replacement for your expired card to make transactions running smoothly.

After getting a new card, do not forget to update the data of your Debit BCA Card that have been registered for online purchases, especially for recurring payments at online merchant platforms.

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