01 Oct 2021 | Edukatips

Tips For A Secure Username, Password and PIN

Today, to access internet banking or mobile banking (such as myBCA) accounts, you must create an account using your credentials (username and password). These accounts function as access to support you in making banking transactions, from checking your balance, transferring money, paying for bills, to opening deposit accounts, e-deposito, etc.

Despite its convenience, we must be careful of cybercrimes that try to hack our usernames and passwords. Thus, the first step to do is to protect the confidentiality of your bank accounts and create secure credentials difficult to hack.

Tips to Create Secure Banking Data

1. Create a username that is easy to remember but difficult to guess
Do not use simple and general words, especially personal information, such as social media account name, phone number, city of birth, or date of birth. Choose a name that will make your account information more difficult and can prevent hackers to easily guess it.

  • Not recommended: Andhika123, Putra111, @Andhini1
  • Recommended: Tiap2MingguPulang

2. Use long password with unique combination
Combine numbers, symbols, and uppercase and lowercase alphabets in a random order. It is also recommended to give your account extra security. Also, avoid using the same username and password.

  • Not recommended: password1111, password8899
  • Recommended: Bu4hM4nggi$

3. Create a PIN that is easy to remember but difficult to guess

Avoid making a PIN using a birth date like 260790, number sequence like123456, repetitive number like 111222, or your own or family’s birth date.

4. Regularly update your password & PIN

Change your password and PIN regularly and do not use the same information for your internet banking (username & password) and your email or social media accounts.

Amid technological advancement, we must always be cautious and careful in maintaining the confidentiality of our personal data, especially banking data. Be wise and do not share your banking data to anyone and avoid placing it anywhere.

If you use myBCA app, follow the tips above to create a secure BCA ID and password. (For more information about BCA ID, check here)

If you found any suspicious activity, especially claiming to be from BCA, immediately report it to Halo BCA at 1500888, Twitter @HaloBCA, email halobca@bca.co.id, or BCA WhatsApp 08111500998.