30 Sep 2021 | Edukatips

Financial Management Tips You Should Know

*Update : 1 Mar 2024

Do you realize the value of money can change from time to time? This can be described as the time value of money. Money we have this year will not necessarily have the same value next year and the year after that, all because of inflation. It is time for us to find more information about solutions to maintain the value of our money.

Financial planning is a form of a comprehensive evaluation of the current and future conditions. In this case, it is also done to anticipate potential financial risks in the future.

Planning not only monitors current financial conditions, but also performs budgeting. With budgeting, you can find out where your money is spent, thus making you more focused on saving your money to achieve your financial target. Planning your finances is key to realizing your dream.

In financial planning, we must know our financial goals, recognize our risk profile, investment period, and potential profit we expect.

There are various investment instruments we can use to grow our money, including mutual funds.

Novice investors who want to start investing can try mutual funds because you can start with only a small amount of money. With Rp100,000, there are many types of mutual funds according to your risk profile and financial goals. There are also professional fund managers or investment managers with license from the Financial Services Authority that will manage your fund.

You can also still invest in the midst of the pandemic while #stayingathome, one way is by using Welma feature in myBCA application to manage your finances from anywhere.

No need to hesitate, start investing right now! Do regular evaluation to ensure your investment matches your financial goals, and to ensure you protect the value of your money.

Writer: Edward Narodo, Partnership Distribution Head PT Danareksa Investment Management


Mutual Fund is a product of the capital market and not a product of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk. (BCA) and BCA are not responsible for any claims and risks related to the management of the Mutual Fund portfolio. Investments in Mutual Funds are not part of third party deposits with BCA so they are not guaranteed by BCA and are not included in the scope of the object of the government guarantee program or deposit insurance. BCA only acts as a selling agent for Mutual Funds. Investment in Mutual Funds contains risks that allow investors to lose part or all of their invested capital. Mutual Fund's past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. Prospective investors are required to read and understand the Mutual Fund prospectus before deciding to invest through the purchase of Mutual Fund participation units.

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