26 Jul 2021 | Edukatips

Contacting Halo BCA is Now Easier Using haloBCA app

Dear BCA Customers,

Now, there is a new way for you to contact Halo BCA contact center, namely through haloBCA mobile app.

The haloBCA app is a mobile app you can use to contact Halo BCA through all BCA’s official channels, including call, chat, email, and Twitter.

Why should I get haloBCA app?

  1. It provides an alternative channel for customers to contact Halo BCA using a VoIP Call facility, namely a call using an internet connection.
  2. Its VoIP Call facility provides convenience for foreign customers to call Halo BCA, the existing features can be used by customers who are located in other countries.
  3. It combines Halo BCA’s service channels, namely call, social media (Twitter), Bank BCA WhatsApp, and email in a single mobile app,

This is what the app looks like. Do not get fooled by fake apps impersonating Halo BCA!

download aplikasi halobca

You can download it from Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).


After downloading the app, you can immediately use it. But, you may want to register first for the following reasons:

  • expedite verification process when making a call
  • ease your chat feature usage since your data will already be filled in
  • allow you to access the My Account (Akun Saya) menu


How to register.

  1. Open haloBCA app, click “Registrasi” registrasi step 1
  2. Type in your BCA ATM card/credit card/account number and create a password registrasi step 2
  3. Select your mobile phone number according to your registered data at BCA to receive an OTP code.
    registrasi step 3
  4. Enter the OTP code. registrasi step 4
  5. Registration is completed. registrasi step 5

Features in haloBCA app

There are 4 main features that you can use in haloBCA app:

  1. Call
  2. Chat/Bank BCA WhatsApp
  3. Email
  4. Twitter

How to use the Call feature.

  1. Open haloBCA app. Select Call. fitur call step 1
  2. Select a feature according to your need. fitur call step 2
  3. If you prefer to talk directly to Halo BCA Customer Service, press “Ya”. fitur call step 3
  4. If you want to be directly connected to Halo BCA Customer Service without using your phone credit balance. fitur call step 4

How to use Halo BCA Chat feature.

  1. Select “Halo BCA Chat” feature. You will see 2 options: Whatsapp Bank BCA or Chat.
    fitur wa step 1
  2. If you select Whatsapp Bank BCA, you will be directed to Bank BCA’s WhatsApp account.
    fitur wa step 2
  3. If you select Chat, fitur wa step 3

How to use Email and Twitter features.

  1. Make sure you already have Email and Twitter installed on your smartphone.
  2. Select “Email” feature. You can immediately send an email to Halo BCA. fitur email step 1
  3. Select “Twitter” feature. You can immediately mention Halo BCA’s official account via Twitter (connected to Twitter app). fitur wa step 3

Fun, isn’t it? Now it is easier for you to connect with Halo BCA using just a single app!

Download haloBCA app now at App Store or Play Store

Download Aplikasi haloBCA