04 Jun 2021 | Edukatips

The Many Benefits of Contactless BCA UnionPay Credit Card!

During the pandemic, it does not mean we cannot have an active lifestyle, like sports, culinary, or adventures anymore. We can do them all as long as we are complying with the health protocol.

The good news for you is that starting on 3 June 2021, BCA launched the Kartu Kredit BCA UnionPay Credit Card, the first credit card with contactless technology by BCA. What are the plus points?

What are the plus points?


Contactless Feature

The contactless feature allows you to do the transaction without using a PIN. This feature can be used on EDC machines which already have the contactless feature. Also, it is easy to use as you just need to put the credit card on the EDC machine with UnionPay

The BCA UnionPay Credit Card contactless feature will be automatically activated when cardholders have activated their cards. Thus, cardholders will be ready to use it to make transactions.

More info regarding credit card contactless transaction limits, please click here


Other Benefits of the Card

Besides being a contactless card, the BCA UnionPay Credit Card has many other benefits, such as:

  1. A welcome bonus. You will get 5,000 BCA UnionPay Points with the accumulated transaction worth IDR5,000,000 in three months since the card was issued.
  2. You can use the Up to 12 months BCA 0% Installment feature for international retail transactions of a minimum of IDR3,000,000.
  3. Obtain 1 BCA UnionPay Point with each transaction of IDR10,000. You can redeem the point with airline miles or BCA Reward at our affiliated merchants.
  4. Double BCA UnionPay Point for retail transactions in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan.
  5. Competitive exchange rate. Get competitive exchange rates for transactions in SGD, HKD, CNY and TWD. 
  6. Travel insurance coverage for lost baggage or delayed flights for free as terms and conditions applied.


Promo Programs

There are lots of interesting offers from BCA UnionPay Credit Card and famous domestic affiliated merchants for you who have hobbies on sports, adventures, culinary, or lifestyles. For example, Cicilan BCA 0% discount program, cashback, etc.  

For more information regarding promos, visit www.bca.co.id/unionpay


How to Apply for BCA UnionPay Credit Card

Enjoy the convenience of applying for a BCA UnionPay credit card online via BCA’s official website.

The application is FREE. Check the tutorial below.

Tutorial Apply Online Kartu Kredit BCA

If you already know how to apply for a credit card, go straight to the following link to apply online.

Apply Kartu Kredit BCA UnionPay